Land Lease Deal Sparks Civil Lawsuit


A land row at Klian village in Karangasem has pitted a local resident and Udayana University engineering lecturer against other villagers over a 2009 deal to lease out hundreds of hectares of land to a Korean investor who wants to build a hotel and golf course on the site.

Wayan Reti Adnyana is being sued by former village secretary Nengah Suastika and in a separate case by another resident, Komang Genti, over arguments in the village about the resort development proposal by South Korean citizen Yu Bong Yi and PT. Bali Bias Putih.

The plaintiffs allege that they were duped over the lease of land owned by 101 villagers under traditional communal title.

The hearing became so rowdy that the court appointed mediator, Pica Natalia, had to use his gavel several times to quieten the antagonists.

Suastika and others, including Genti, allege that legal advice obtained by them when the new certificates were issued indicated that the certificates were valueless.

They allege that Adnyana, who held the certificates under authority granted to him earlier, refused to return the documents to the customary owners of the land.

The case turns on complaints that Adnyana breached village custom in his handling of the matter and his treatment of villagers. Suastika claims Adnyana breached village cooperative rules by assigning leases without authority.

Adnyana contests the allegations. The case is continuing.

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