Off-Island Vehicles Face Police Clamp


Bali’s provincial government is clamping down on vehicles registered in other provinces in a bid to increase income from annual renewals, according to revenue chief Ketut Sudira.

He said: “We have held an internal meeting. One of the main items on the agenda was the plan of the Bali provincial government to bring into line vehicles operating in Bali with non-Bali police registration plates.”

Sudira said some vehicles operated in Bali for months, sometimes for years, without making any contribution to Bali’s road taxes.

But now police will target out-of-province vehicles that have been in Bali for more than three months and tell their owners they must get Bali registration plates.

The authorities are trying to work out how many “non-Bali” vehicles are permanently based here. They believe the new on-line vehicle registration system will help to identify cars, trucks and motorcycles that operate in Bali without paying local road taxes.

Under existing rules vehicles here for more than three months must be re-registered locally.

But Bali also bans new registration of vehicles that are more than 10 years old, even ones originally Bali-registered whose owners want to change back to Bali plates.

People trying to reregister vehicles in Jembrana say poor administration at the local SAMSAT office is causing them delays and extra expense.

The problem relates chiefly to the five-year registration plate renewal system, which has a two-month waiting list, but normal annual renewals are also being hampered by lack of sufficient forms.

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