Britain’s Queen Elizabeth to Abdicate in William Wedding Gift


The Bali Times

Britain’s Prince Charles is said to be “utterly devastated” over his mother the queen’s decision to relinquish the throne in favour of her grandson Prince William.

It is understood that Queen Elizabeth, who would have been 58 years on the throne this June, will announce her abdication while on an historic visit to the Irish capital, Dublin, in May.

Generation Skip: Queen Elizabeth is to hand over the reins to her grandson William.

A source at Áras an Uachtaráin, the residence and office of Irish President Mary McAleese, said the monarch, the world’s second-longest-serving after ailing King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand, intended her step-down as a wedding present to Prince William, 28, who will marry Kate Middleton in April.

“The queen is cognizant of how behind-the-times the royal family was when (Princess) Diana died, and wants to skip a generation, passing over Charles, to shake the institution up,” the source said, referring to the former wife of Prince Charles who died in a car crash in Paris in 1997 and initial reluctance among the senior royals to publicly acknowledge the passing of the-then divorced Diana.

“The current ruler revolts across the Arab world were what capped it for her majesty,” the source added.

King William: The prince is to get an early wedding gift.

President McAleese has been engaged in fervent discussions with Buckingham Palace, the main official residence of the British monarch, in working out the schedule of the queen’s visit to Ireland, Britain’s closest neighbour and former territory, The Bali Times can reveal.

The startling revelations come as Prince Charles, now married to long-time friend Camilla and aged 62, has been waiting to become king. A source within his official residence Clarence House said Charles “just could not believe what has happened.”

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  1. nadine Says:

    april fools

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    And we heard it first in The Bali Times!

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  4. disgusted Says:

    Get rid of all the Royal bludgers

  5. Marie Moceri Says:

    I wish the article were true, Prince Charles does NOT deserve to be King. Camilia certainly doesn’t deserve to be the Queen!

  6. rob Says:

    How is Queen Elizabeth II the second longest ruler when her great-grandmother Queen Victoria ruled longer?

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