Pregnant Housekeeper Arrested for Jewellery Theft


Singaraja Police have arrested a heavily pregnant woman on suspicion of stealing jewellery from her employer.

Tatik In, 29, was detained on Wednesday in Sukasada district following a lengthy investigation.

Sukasada Police chief Made Widana said they had first received a complaint against Tatik in November last year. At the time she was working as a part-time cleaner for her neighbour, Ketut Selamet Arya.  Widana said that Tatik had been given her own set of keys to the house and was free to come and go as she pleased.

In late November Arya discovered that eight rings, a necklace and a pendent were missing from a closet in the house. She reported the matter to the police, who immediately identified Tatik as the main suspect.

Widana said that although Tatik was questioned several times she never confessed to the crime, and officers were unable to secure any material evidence in the case.

However, on Tuesday the government pawnshop in Sukasada made several pieces of jewellery available for auction, after the depositor failed to rebuy the items. The jewellery was identified as that stolen from Arya’s house, and pawnshop records showed the depositor was Tatik.

Tatik had pawned three rings and the necklace in November for Rp1.38 million (US$159). A month later she pawned the pendent and the remaining five rings for a further Rp2.76 million.

Pawnshop manager Made Sarat told reporters on Wednesday that the jewellery had been tendered for auction because the pawn contract matured on April 5, and Tatik had not returned to redeem the items. He said it was only when police examined the tendered jewellery that he discovered it had been stolen.

Tatik is being held at Sukasada Police headquarters, and has reportedly confessed to the theft.

Made Widana said that although she was eight months pregnant she would remain in detention.

“Later, when she’s about to give birth, we’ll issue a permit and transfer her to a hospital,” he said.

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