Victim’s Wife Breaks Down as Murder Sentence Read


The wife of a murdered Karangasem contractor broke down in court when her husband’s killer was sentenced to 18 years in prison, telling reporters later that the murderer should have received the death sentence.

Komang Sadia, 23, was found guilty on Wednesday at Amlapura District Court of killing his boss Putu Sudarsana on October 25 last year.

During the case judges heard that Sadia had encouraged Sudarsana to come to his home in Muncan, Selat, to organise the sale of a truck.  Once there Sadia locked the contractor in his room and beat him to death with a length of guava wood. He wrapped the body in a carpet and moved it to his uncle’s house in a hired car where hid it inside a septic tank, having ordered an elderly female relative to clean the blood-splattered crime scene. The hire car was abandoned in Bangli.

Once Sudarsana’s body was discovered, an autopsy revealed 20 blunt injuries, mostly to the head.

According to prosecutors Sadia’s main motive for the killing had been to gain control of Sudarsana’s business.

“The defendant did this killing with a plan to take over his boss’s work. This is a very disturbing action for society,” said prosecutor Cok Dian on Wednesday.

After finding Sadia guilty judges handed down an 18 year sentence.

Kadek Susi Widiastuti, the wife of the dead man, broke down when the sentence was read. She said she was disappointed with the result of the trial and that such a sentence would have no deterrent effect on other would-be criminals.

“After sadistically murdering my husband he just threw his body and his motorbike in a septic tank. He never apologised; he never showed any remorse; so he should be put to death,” she said.

Sadia’s lawyers will lodge an appeal against the sentence next week.

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