Caterpillar Frying-Pan Plan Tossed


Officials have come up with a novel way to tackle Bali’s ongoing infestation of caterpillars, which has been devastating orchards and plantations — frying and eating them.

Touring Serongga in Gianyar to monitor the infestation, head of the Bali Agriculture Department Made Putra Suryawan encouraged villagers to eat the crunchy caterpillars, which can cause skin rashes if touched while alive.

“These caterpillars usually move around at night. They’re really delicious and tasty,” Suryawan said.

“The edible species is most commonly found in Karangasem regency, and local people there have always eaten them,” he said, adding that after some convincing Gianyar locals had tried the fried insects and agreed they made a tasty snack.

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3 Responses to “Caterpillar Frying-Pan Plan Tossed”

  1. Paul (Jimbaran) Says:

    Need to recommend the same for the stray dogs

  2. Miepmiep Says:

    Yes, that is a superb idea, just eat anything that is inconvenient and in your way. Caterpillars, dogs…what’s next? People?

  3. bobo Says:

    ….how do they remove the hairs? I assume that is why they cause rashes. They would cause severe digestive upset if the hairs were still attached….