Corby Is Not Mentally Ill Says Prison Chief


Australian drug-smuggler Schapelle Corby does not appear to be mentally ill, the head of her Bali prison said on Monday, as speculation grows over whether she will be released.

The 33-year-old has based a clemency application to President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono on psychological disturbances she clams to be suffering, in the hope she will be freed from her 20-year sentence for bringing 4.2 kilograms of marijuana into Bali in 2004.

Over the weekend, Corby lawyer Iskandar Nawing said he had received word from a source at the Supreme Court that reviewing judges had recommended a 10-year cut in his client’s term, information that was already public knowledge last year. The recommendation is meant as a guide for President Yudhoyono in reaching his decision.

If the head of state grants clemency Corby could be immediately freed due to over six years already served because she would be eligible for parole.

On Monday, Kerobokan Prison chief Siswanto told the Australian Associated Press news agency that he had not observed any signs of mental distress in Corby.

He said there had been occasions when she had “seemed to make herself ill or look like (she was) ill” in an apparent attempt to draw sympathy for her plight and bolster her case for release.

Last year Siswanto submitted a report on Corby to the president in which he also said she appeared to be healthy. Speaking about his report last October, he said: “She’s not mentally ill based on my observations of her on a day-to-day basis. She appears fine. She can look after herself, eat and even put on make-up.

“As an ordinary person, I see that she has no symptoms of insanity. If she’s said to be depressed and stressed, that’s reasonable as all prisoners face the same conditions.”

Corby is relying on reports on her condition by medical experts that her legal team says confirms her psychological condition.

Siswanto said she had learned of the possible 10-year cut in her sentence and that she was “behaving normal so far.”

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22 Responses to “Corby Is Not Mentally Ill Says Prison Chief”

  1. borborigmus Says:

    Whatever the merits or otherwise of this case, the opinion of Kerobokan Prison chief Siswanto, who presumably has no medical or psychiatric qualifications, is irrelevant; perhaps even vexatious. I am surprised that it receives so much prominence in this article.

  2. John Wilson Says:

    Couldn’t wait to post this could you, Bali Times? It is what we expect from you: seizing ANY chance to hurt Schapelle Corby.

    She has been diagnosed by Australia’s top psychiatrist, and two other psychiatrists. She even set her hair on fire last month.

    Yet as soon as this guy opens his mouth, full of vested interests, you are on to it, quoting him as though it means something.

    She is seriously ill, and if she dies, YOU, Bali Times will have played a role. Disgusting.

  3. Sharon Wright Says:

    Your campaign against Schapelle is sickening. What sort of creatures are you?

    Why don’t you quote her doctors? Eh? Why not? Why don’t you quote her lawyers? Why don’t you quote ANYONE who hasn’t got an agenda against her?

    Your vile agenda shows the world what you are. Sick.

  4. Matt Standen Says:


    Bali Times Quotes Corrupt Prison Governor As Though Psychiatrist. Ignores Real Psychiatrists

    We’ve seen through you Furney, you spiteful pathetic low life.

  5. Simba Says:

    Two eminent psychiatrists, Professor Jonathan Phillips, highly respected in Australia, and Dr Denny Thong, highly respected in Indonesia (who is actually treating Schapelle), have both stated that Schapelle is suffering a deteriorating mental illness.

    Professor Jonathan Phillips, “SC has a severe treatment-resistant psychotic illness. She can now be said to have become insane.”

    Professor Phillips’ curriculum vitae is extremely impressive. What qualifications in mental health does the Prison Chief have? Absolutely none!

  6. Mac Harper Says:

    What the Bali Times is doing constitutes an active campaign against Schapelle Corby. A concerted effort to wreck her appeal.

    This is the lowest I have ever seen anyone in the industry sink. Words escape me.

  7. Furney Says:

    Does your family in Ireland know what an animal you are Furney? I think I will make it my business to make sure they learn what you are.

  8. james wilson Says:

    Hey SBY, 2 wrongs don’t make a right. Its time to say to SBY, no more money until she is home

  9. Jules Parsons Says:

    What old information are you going to reproduce and distort next Bali Times, to try to sabotage Schapelle Corby?

  10. max Says:

    of course swisanto is going to say that if she gets released he loses his star inmate… a lot of people will lose a lot of money if she gets released …with all the torists that line up on a daily basis to have a gawk at her like an animal in the zoo… 6.5 years is enough… what ever crime she did or did not committ she’s been there long enough

  11. Al Says:

    Jail wardens cant give medical advice,I think the two doctors that say Schapelle is suffering from a deteriorating mental illness and will die if not properly treated is what newspapers should be focusing their story’s on.I am not a Jail warden,but I believe Schapelle is suffering night and day with a mental illness that go’s untreated in a third world prison that is below human standards.

  12. Glenda James Says:

    Schapelle, I feel very sorry for her I have never believed that she was guilty never. Please send this girl home where she belongs, Australia. We all seem to have forgotten her, she has been there long enough. Mad or not ?? wouldnt anyone be after such a long time in that prison especially if you were innocent, think for a while on that and see what you come up with.LET HER COME HOME PLEASE>

  13. Ibu Davis Says:

    Even if she is guilty she does not deserve to be in such terrible conditions send her home.

  14. Viviane Forest (from Canada) Says:

    Every weekend, I get my brother out of the psychiatric hospital where he lives, for a family day out. Some patients in there do not look sick at all… That being said, I find Schapelle looks quite ill on some pictures we have seen.

  15. Robert Says:

    Come on, she’s in prison and not a SPA!

    She was found guilty by Indonesian law, let her stay in prison for the full time she is supposed to do. That will teach her a lesson.

    Mentally ill? Yes, you are if you bring drugs into Indonesia

  16. bali girl Says:

    I very much doubt that the prison officials would of sent her off to hospital on 2 occasions if she was not sick. The local media don’t think very highly of this prison boss and always make fun of the stupid remarks he says and contradictions he makes. This may be another one of them.

  17. linda purcell Says:

    Of course Corby is not insane. I agree with the Kerobokan Prison chief Siswanto who states she is depressed. That is probably how most feel about being in prison. She knew that carrying drugs was against the law whether in Australia or Indonesia. Unfortunately she has been sentenced on the evidence and needs to serve her sentence. I have been a regular traveller to Bali for 28 years and have never had trouble with authority. I have always found the police professional and willing to assist if i need them. There will always be people like Corby in society who think they can make a quick dollar. Everyone has choices.

  18. Darren Says:

    Max, have you been to the prison? My friend was in there 1 year, I visited him regularly & never saw tourists lining up to gawk at her. The only time ‘tourists’ see the inmates is when they request to see someone in perticular & pass through the security to the visiting yard, & then she has to be in the yard with a visiter anyway.
    Who loses money mate? She’s guilty otherwise she wouldn’t be in there.

  19. bali girl Says:

    Linda Purcell obviously doesn’t get around on a motor bike while in Bali. Police are alway’s pulling over white people / tourist in the hope of extorting money out of them. I have a licence and they still try their best… I think there is a lot of reasonable doubt in the Corby case. 20 years is very harsh when they did not even try to get the xray of her bag from Australia or do any of the test she asked to be done that might prove her innocent.

  20. Helen Says:

    Whether she did it or not she has served enough time. Let her go.

  21. Tracy Says:

    I have to say, this has made clear to me that I will never go to Bali. I’ve always thought I’d go there for vacation someday. Not now. It seems too corrupt and dangerous for foreigners.

  22. Scandinavian Says:

    Bali. Your idear of “justice” has travled the world and reached even my corner. This case is forever a shadow hanging over your country and your people… A nation’s civilization can be seen in the way it treats its prisoners.

    …I pity you that you live in a place like that..

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