Budding Civil Servants in Long Wait


Would-be civil servants in Jembrana who have passed stringent entry tests for government employment, and have completed online application forms, are still waiting to hear if the applications have been successful after more than four months, they claim.

“In the past, when I Gede Winasa was Jembrana regent, once candidate civil servants had passed the entry test they would immediately be called and asked to start work. But at the moment there are 161 candidates who have passed but have not received any information about when they will be called to start work,” one of the candidates, who asked not to be named, told reporters.

He said he believed the online recruitment system may have been blocked by candidates who had incorrectly filled in their applications, adding that he was concerned that the applications were not being considered by the authorities.

Responding to the candidates’ concerns, head of the Jembrana civil service I Wayan Gorim said there had been no technical issues with the applications and that all 161 had been received.

However, the test results had not been received for all candidates, he said.

“If we call only those whose information has been received, then the others will protest,” he said.

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  1. Paul (Jimbaran) Says:

    Jobs already given to politician’s relatives

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