Alas, the Bogans Are Back

By Vyt Karazija

It’s the silly season in Bali again and the bogan hordes are here in force.  I’m not talking about those who are here to see and enjoy Bali in all its vibrancy – the culture, the markets, the people, the beaches and the sheer ambience of this chaotic and beautiful island.

No, I’m talking about the true bogans who, immersed in their own sense of self-importance, manage to annoy practically everyone here.

There are thousands stumbling around the streets of Kuta, spilling over into Legian and even daring to desecrate the hallowed precincts of Seminyak (formerly reserved for the gentry).

Happily proclaiming their individuality by wearing identical Bintang singlets and clutching bottles of beer, groups of these unfortunates clog up footpaths for extended “conversations,” oblivious to others trying to squeeze past.

Oh, if you’re not from Australia, the word bogan may have fazed you. How about oaf, dolt, dope, jerk, dipstick, twit, pillock, wally, git, nyaff, schmuck, bozo, schlemiel, turkey, galah, drongo, dill, gobshite? Or in Bahasa, orang kampungan? Whatever the names we give them, this dopey subset of humanity is the same the world over.

In Bali, they are the ones who light fireworks while walking down the streets in a drunken haze and think it is amusing to throw them in front of motorcyclists. Or terrorise sleeping dogs and laugh like drains while watching them run into heavy traffic in panic.

They are the ones who think nothing of stopping their bikes, in a big group, in the very middle of a busy street while traffic grinds to a halt around them. Why? To take photos of each other – sans helmet, licence, shirt or any vestige of common sense.

They are the ones who, never having ridden before, rent motorbikes on which they wobble and weave, their arms straight and elbows locked so they have zero control while screaming abuse at traffic in which they have no business being.

They are the ones who walk four and five abreast down narrow streets, glaring and yelling at the vehicular traffic that dares to try to use a road that they have decided to take over. Or the ones that, having been granted total immunity from harm merely by virtue of being parents, wheel pushers containing the fruits of their loins down the middle of those same streets. No point running over those – they’ve already reproduced.

Then there are the males who believe that the magical transformational properties of Bintang have enhanced their masculinity, made them absolutely irresistible to all females and conferred on them the right to proposition, grope and leer at will.

Their female counterparts, of course, believe that the magical transformational properties of cocktails have enhanced their desirability, caused them to lose weight and conferred on them an ability to dance erotically on bar counters while screeching lyrics to bad karaoke tracks.

I wish the silly season was over. I wish that the bogans would discover another destination. Or that Jetstar and Virgin go broke and take their cheap airfares with them. Or perhaps I should just go and live on the North coast in splendid solitude and eat worms.

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5 Responses to “Alas, the Bogans Are Back”

  1. Jo Rachman Says:

    Ok I agree totally with what you are saying but what is your name for the ones that haunt Seminyak all year round (Mainly August)They also wear liile attire whilst riding thier Motorbikes eg Bikinis , shorts ect sans shirt and helmet this species enjoys hogging the road,stopping bike/car where ever to talk to friends,yell from one side of Bintang Super market to the other and treat the locals poorly and sorry if you say Australians as this form of orang kampung does not have such a good grasp of the english language.Sorry to say all countries have thier ”Bogans” not just OZ ….

  2. Balibelly Says:

    Some parts of this I can completely understand…. But you may have overlooked the fact that a fair amount of money is generated from these so called ‘bogans’ and from what I’ve seen, most store owners are more than happy to put their hands out when these bogans are buying all of these Bintang singlets, renting scooters and buying bintang beer (tipping on top of the price)…. Just saying.

  3. Dave Says:

    @ Jo , you mean the leather helmet,scarf wearing sometimes utility belt equipped type? For the lack of a better term my friend refers to them as “the Gomez”.

  4. Tim B Says:

    All countries have their bogans. The yank bogans go to Mexico, the pommy bogans go to Ibiza the French bogans go to Morroco. Its just that Bali is Australias bogan destination.

  5. Tim B Says:

    Yes, gomezes are nastier than bogans.

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