Bumper Harvest Sees Rice Price Fall


Bumper rice harvests in Klungkung have led to a dramatic drop in price of the grain in local markets, with the asking rate falling below the government-sanctioned floor rate.

Rice is currently fetching Rp2,600 (30 US cents) a kilogramme on the open market, despite the official minimum price per kilo being Rp2,800.

The high volume of grain recorded since the harvest began at the start of the month has been attributed by farmers to a lack of pest attacks, better weather and improved fertilisers.

Head of the Klungkung Agriculture and Forestry Department Wayan Muliarta said that price fluctuations were inevitable during the harvest as large amounts of grain often came onto the market at the same time.

He urged farmers to avoid selling directly to the public, or to unofficial middlemen. They should sell only through local rural economic enterprise organisations.

“These organisations certainly wouldn’t dare to buy rice at below the floor price,” he said, adding that recent good weather in Klungkung had aided the harvest.

“There’s been a recent dry spell,” he said, adding that last year’s April harvest had been hampered by heavy rain.

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  1. Mark Ulyseas Says:

    I have interviewed a number of these farmers who survive on borrowed money and still have to pay taxes, pay the subak authority and send a quantity of rice to the banjar: http://www.thebalitimes.com/?s=handful+of+life+ulyseas

    Now that Nature has failed these farmers what is the government doing to help them?

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