Kuta Merely Victim of Wind-Blown Rubbish: Regent


Echoing reaction from Culture and Tourism Minister Jero Wacik to a recent unflattering article about Bali in Time magazine, Badung Regent AA Gede Agung said the litter marring Kuta Beach did not come from Bali and that the island was “just a victim.”

Speaking to reporters, Agung denied that the “frothing human waste” and “dunes of surf-tossed garbage” at Kuta, described in the Time article earlier this month, were the fault of local people or authorities.

“Let me say right here: This rubbish that is washing up at Kuta Beach is all from outside Bali. Nothing is locally produced; it’s all from outside Kuta. Kuta is just a victim,” Agung said.

Agung said the presence of organic flotsam on the beach was evidence that the material was washed in from other parts of Indonesia.

“For example, we all know there are no forests in Bali, but the rubbish that washes up in Kuta includes logs. Also, there’s lots of plastic that certainly didn’t originate in Kuta,” he said.

Agung said that as well as the short-term clean-up operations at the beach, prompted by the negative publicity, he was looking into long-term solutions to stop “foreign” rubbish reaching the beach.

“At the moment I’m looking for methods, including the application of technology, to stop rubbish from other places getting to Kuta. But we also hope that Indonesians outside of Bali will stop throwing their rubbish into the sea and making Kuta a victim,” he said.

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8 Responses to “Kuta Merely Victim of Wind-Blown Rubbish: Regent”

  1. Joanne Says:

    Are you for real!!! rubbish comes from Bali, from ceremonies, from cars from the street,,,people in bali do not put rubbish in bins,…. I lived there from 86 to 96 we tried to talk about rubbish then…. no change only 100% worse….education comes from home and grassroots ,school…..put it in the bin …. who know’s that in bali

  2. Darren Says:

    That seems to be the excuse in Lombok aswell, “the rubbish comes from Java & Bali”, just ask the locals. May I enlighten you Bpk. Jero? Locals throw rubbish in the river, because it magically disappears, the rivers wash out into the ocean, the oceans fill up with rubbish, the wind & currents push the ‘local’ rubbish onto the beaches.

  3. John Says:

    And… the garbage that you see laying on the side of the streets and in the gutters has been accidentally dropped there by migrating birds!

    It blows my mind — in a bad way — when officials appointed by the people to take care of this country openly and shamelessly lie instead of facing and dealing with the problem at hand.

  4. Mark Ulyseas Says:

    Has anyone checked the rivers and sewage flowing into the sea from Bali? I suggest the honorable Regent should do so, he will be enlightened.

    The plastic and other waste generated by everyone residing on the isle runs into thousands of tonnes every month. Where does this garbage go? Are there recycling plants for all this waste? And if not, where does it go? Is the garbage sorted into different categories – toxic, biodegradable, non-biodegradable like plastics ?

    An excellent example where local people and government have acted positively to preserve our old buildings is the Taman Ayun Temple at Mengwi. The Head of this temple is none other then the Regent of Badung, Anak Agung Gede Agung whose hands on work has helped preserve and maintain this beautiful temple. This could not be done without the local people and authorities joining together harmoniously/unanimously. http://marculyseas.wordpress.com/category/bali-heritage-trust/

    So if he can help restore and preserve Bali’s heritage buildings why can’t he do the same with the help of his constituents and other Regents to keep Kuta clean?

    Om Shanti Shanti Shanti Om

  5. Rocco Says:

    It is almost irrelevant how it gets there, just clean it up! If I don’t clean the something guess what? It gets dirty!

  6. Daniel Says:

    In addition to rubbish controls on land
    Any one who has ever taken a boat or ferry out of bali to anywhere has seen first hand, as soon as the vessells clear the harbour the staff throw giant wheelie bin size garbage bags full over the side ,its horriffic.
    All the sailors in the area know about the floating rubbish tips around Nusa Tengarra,its so bad now that Time really is running out for tourism that relys on the ocean in Indo.
    Take a lesson from Singapore Bali and lead the way to educate the rest of indonesia a mamoth challenge for a massive country but what else can you do.

  7. Mary Says:

    It is a shame !!! To see a minister for tourism reacting like this 🙁 Mr. Pastika as the head of Bali let this member of your gouvernement resign !! First Mr. Wacik, be sure the rubbish is coming form Bali ! Second, if not then Bali become the rubbish from other islands while other islands become the rubbish from Bali. Third … however, whatever and where ever: It is your job to safe this Island !!! Not to denie anything and every thing !! Take the responisbility for your job leave this job and give anybody else with more responisbility for his homme island a chance to help Bali !!
    Mr. Pastika, why you accept someone like this in your team ?????

  8. Bali Says:

    search Facebook for this discussion group
    Bali Clean and Green Province

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