Jilted Wife Files Complaint Against Police


A Denpasar woman who was arrested after attempting to catch her husband with another woman is filing an official complaint against the police for her treatment.

Kadek Murniasih is lodging the complaint with the Bali Police and the national human rights commission, she told reporters at a press conference with her lawyer, Ketut Alit Priana, on Sunday.

According to Murniasih, in December 2010 she began to suspect that her husband, Pande Bara Angsana, was having an affair with a woman identified by her initial, JN. She said she had been told by many friends and neighbours that Angsana was often visiting JN at her home.

“My husband’s behaviour was certainly clear, and he had been seen by many witnesses. He often went to that woman’s home. They had also stayed together at the Hotel Grand City (Denpasar) and the staff there said he often stayed there with her under his own name,” Murniasih said.

On December 21, 2010, she had gone to JN’s home, believing that her husband was there. JN refused to let her in, saying she had no permission from the police.

Murniasih said she then went to the local police station and returned with a letter from officers requesting JN to give her access to search for her husband, but he was no longer in the house.

“I am 100 percent certain that my husband had been there,” she said.

Subsequently JN lodged a formal complaint about Murniasih’s behaviour with Denpasar police.

“I was accused of insulting JN with my late-night visit to her property, and on February 22 I was named as a suspect,” Murniasih said.

“On March 7, shortly after being checked by Denpasar Police I was arrested. I was shocked; I hadn’t even appeared as a witness and suddenly I became a suspect,” she said. Murniasih was held for 10 days before being released without charge.

“This is all strange, I never insulted JN, and I never quarrelled with her. I am being slandered. At that time (of the visit to JN’s property) I had gone and got a letter of request from East Denpasar Police. When did I fight with JN? There were many witnesses; this really isn’t fair,” she said.

Murniasih’s lawyer, Ketut Alit Priana, said they had made the official complaints because they felt that the case had been handled incorrectly.

“We had to bring this case forward because there are many irregularities in the way our client was treated,” he said.

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  1. Derek Says:

    My guess is that JN handed over some “uang rokok” and (and maybe a little something else) to get the polisi on her side.

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