Parents Send Teen Thief to Police for Guidance


The parents and neighbours of a serial teenage thief from Tukad Sumaga in Buleleng handed him over to Gerokgak Police on Sunday, saying that they were unable to control him.

The 16-year-old, identified by his initials, GA, was handed over to police for “guidance.”

Gerokgak Police chief Komang Reka Adnyana said on Sunday that GA’s parents and neighbours had acted out of frustration after a string of petty thefts and incidents of vandalism.

“The most recent incident took place on Saturday night at around 10pm at the house of a man called Sarwa,” Adnyana said, adding that GA had stolen cigarettes and an umbrella from the house.

Adnyana said the case was unusual and difficult to handle as GA’s parents had not reported him for any crime, but had merely asked the police to “guide” him. He said the police would attempt to change his attitude for the better.

He said that GA had reportedly stolen from five different stalls in his home village, and had broken several doors and windows. He said that GA had only ever had a basic education, having been removed from elementary school when his parents were unable to pay the fees.

“Since fourth grade in elementary school he’s been smoking and taking drugs, and he started stealing after he didn’t get given any money by his parents,” Adnyana said.

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