Aussie Drug Convict Has Sentence Slashed


An Australian man sentenced in January to seven years’ prison may be freed after a court cut his term to only one year.

Angus McCaskill had appealed his sentence to the Bali High Court, which this week issued a verdict that slashed imprisonment to 12 months, The Bali Times has learned.

The court based its ruling on the convict having never sold drugs, but used them for his personal consumption, High Court clerk Gede Rantam said on Thursday.

Angus McCaskill, 57, who was born in New Zealand as Willie Ra’re and emigrated to Australia, where he changed his name and worked in the financial sector before moving to Bali, was arrested last June with 3.58 grams of cocaine in a supermarket car park in southern Bali.

Rantam said McCaskill was also found by the reviewing judges to be a drug addict, based on testimony presented in the appeal from a medical professional.

Due to time spent in detention before being found guilty and sentenced, McCaskill could therefore be freed in a number of months. However, prosecutors have indicated they will appeal the High Court’s decision to the Supreme Court.

McCaskill is one of many Australians serving long prison terms in Bali for drugs offences, three of whom are on death row.

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    Boy , did Schapelle get screwed or what!

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    yeah but not by Willy Rare – he’s as bent as a nine bob note

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