Potency Potions Seized in Denpasar Raid


An undercover operation by officers from the Denpasar Centre for Food and Drug Administration (BBPOM) on Wednesday turned up 199 different types of illegal “potency” drugs on sale openly in a Denpasar shop.

Aphrodisiacs and sex tonics — known as obat kuat or “strength medicine” — are popular in Indonesian, with pills and potions ranging from traditional herbal preparations, to dangerous chemical concoctions and fake branded remedies.

“We found 199 types of obat kuat and traditional medicine, none of which were licensed by the drugs agency,” said BBPOM spokeswoman Ni Putu Maryati, adding that the drugs were discovered when a BBPOM agent visited a store in central Denpasar pretending to be a customer.

“As soon as we asked about these drugs the shopkeeper said that he could provide them, and then took us to the warehouse where they were stored,” she said.

A team later returned to the warehouse and recovered a large amount of illegal potency pills.

“We found between six and 300 bottles of each preparation, either in the form of pills or as liquids. If you work it out that amounts to thousands of items,” Maryati said, adding that officials were questioning the store owner.

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