Bali Battles Plastic Mountain


Bali produces 750 tons of plastic waste every day, environmental activists have revealed

Speaking during an event to mark Earth Day in Denpasar last Friday, coordinator of the Beautiful Bali Without Plastic (BCTP) campaign Anna Susanto said that the estimated weight was based on data collected from individual retailers, communities and waste-disposal units.

“The amount of daily waste is equal to 167 truckloads,” she said, adding that a typical village community in south Bali, with around 50 households, used around 1000 plastic bags a day.

Susanto said that the BCTP campaign was working with businesses and communities to reduce use of plastic. She cited the example of a shop in Denpasar that was using around 4,000 plastic bags a day.

“We successfully reduced the use of bags in the company by about 35 percent by teaching cashiers and customers to use boxes and paper bags instead,” she said.

Susanto said the campaign had also been working with schools and communities in Gianyar.

“In the future we will continue to work with communities in Gianyar. The response from their side has been quite good, but I still have a pessimistic feeling about the success of this campaign,” Susanto said.

Most people in Bali consider waste reduction and disposal the responsibility of the government, making it difficult to encourage active community or business efforts, she said, adding that these attitudes needed to change if environmental issues were to be successfully tackled.

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  1. Beautiful Bali Without Plastic Says:

    […] ask people to use reusable bags and cardboard boxes. You can read more about Anna‘s experience in The Bali Times or read more about the organization at June 17 Filed under Countries, […]

  2. MD Says:

    Unfortunately paper bags are not the solution as they require ten times to the energy to manufacture and distribute them.

    Cardboard boxes are worse for the landfills as they leach harmful toxins into the land which then contaminates the ground water!

    Plastic recycling is available for Bali – you just need to supply the waste plastic and we will bring our technology to Bali.

    The main problem is getting the supply. I was in Bali on Monday meeting about this issue and I was told that we could only get 10 tons per day! We could reprocess all your waste plastic and create a new industry employing up to 600 full time employees.

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