Bali Drug-Smuggler Rush Spared Death Penalty: Lawyer


Australian drug-smuggler Scott Rush, one of a gang known as the Bali Nine, has won an appeal against his death sentence, his lawyer said on Tuesday.

“His judicial review has been accepted by the Supreme Court. His death penalty has been annulled and the sentence has been changed to life,” Frans Hendra Winata said.

Rush, 25, was among nine other Australians arrested in 2005 trying to smuggle 8.3 kilograms of heroin out of Bali to Australia. Two other members of the gang, Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran, are awaiting decisions in their final appeal of their death sentences.

A spokesman for the Supreme Court was unable to confirm that Rush’s appeal had been successful.

“I don’t know yet about that,” spokesman Djoko Sarwoko said.

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10 Responses to “Bali Drug-Smuggler Rush Spared Death Penalty: Lawyer”

  1. peter Says:

    shoot the ringleaders,how dare they try and poison our children…peter.perth

  2. Matt Says:

    Indo Justice is getting weak. Next they are talking about shortening Schappelle Corby sentence. Weak.. Indo Justice a laughing stock in Australia.. 20 years is 20 years !!

  3. d Says:

    im so happy for him.i meet him when i serve my time in there and scott need to get free now its enough.

  4. Pondainwonda Says:

    I am with u D I feel so sorry for him please correct me if I’m wrong…but didn’t he’s parent give him up? Thanks mum thanks dad you just got me shot literally I love you to how sad when your parents are there and the government gives you the death sentence???? Just don’t get it

  5. Sammy da Bull Says:

    @Pondainwonda: what r u talking about???

  6. putra Says:

    @peter: it is a tragedy seeing your kids being drug addicts or loosing them cause of drugs….but as sad as it is, our children are poisoning themselves.
    Killing traffickers does not solve the problem at all and does not ease the pain in any way…it just increases the pain. They also have parents and family. Even though they do wrong, they are human beings and no human being deserves to be shot.
    If we can say “our children” took drugs cause they didn’t know about the consequences, or they were young and naive….then the same can apply to traffickers who commit a crime but certainly do not deserve to die. Think about it.

  7. Jeremy Jones Says:

    @Sammy > He/she is talking about his (Rush’s) parents (dad i think) informed the Aus AFP, who in turn told Bali police what was happening, so they all got busted in Bali… They should have let them carry it home to Syd, THEN busted them… That’s what Pondainwonda was talking about.

  8. Boogaloo Says:

    I agree with jeremy, I also think scots parents were stupid and naive

  9. Antony.A Says:

    I hate when people say “kill the Drug Dealers” “throw away the key” I am a heroin addict, not been one for long and am far from stupid, am educated. its my own fault I took it. Scott should be set free by now 6years is enough for what he did. SHOT DEAD FOR HAVING A BAG OF POWDER ON HIM? ITS EVIL! RAPIST’S AND PEDO’S GET LESS TIME! ITS WORNG.

  10. tara Says:

    Scott has done enough time. He was only so young and made a mistake. Everyone deserves a second chance. To all of you saying horrible things about Scott shame on you. He has learnt his lesson and has paid and is paying the price every minute of the day. Enough! He didnt murder or hurt anyone. His loving parents were only trying to help him and also pay the price every day. Many people pray for his release and well being now.

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