Governor Threatens Hotels Over Dirty Beaches


Following a recent unflattering article about Bali’s polluted beaches in Time magazine, and after a report from the Bali Environmental Agency identifying unacceptable pollution levels at many of the island’s most popular beaches, Governor I Made Mangku Pastika said he will shut down hotels found dumping waste directly into the sea.

Pastika said that the agency’s report, based on tests carried out late last year, revealed high levels of pollution at 13 beaches in Bali, including Kuta and Sanur. The agency suspects that direct dumping by seafront businesses is partly to blame for the pollution.

“If there is any solid evidence that the hotels have dumped their waste in the sea, we will take legal action against them. These acts are illegal and we will close down any business found guilty of such actions,” Pastika said.

Pastika said tourism businesses needed to start behaving more responsibly.

“Hotels and the tourism industry should provide enough funding to build better waste treatment facilities. They have money to do this because they have gained significant profits from this island,” he said.

Head of the Bali Environmental Agency Anak Agung Alit Sastrawan said high levels of nitrates and other pollutants had been found at several of the beaches surveyed, but added that swimming and other leisure activities were still considered safe.

“The pollution is above the accepted standard but is not yet at the level where it will be dangerous for human activities,” he said, adding that by national standards Bali’s beaches were relatively clean.

“Actually, the condition of the beaches here is better than the condition of beaches in other parts in the country,” he said.

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3 Responses to “Governor Threatens Hotels Over Dirty Beaches”

  1. Michelle Says:

    Ohhhh right – it’s just the hotels that create waste??? The fact is that the majority of the big hotels treat waste onsite. It’s the locals who can’t afford (or don’t care) who are killing toursim in Bali.
    Of course the locals can’t pay the huge “fines” that will be given to the hotels.
    I can’t count how many times I’ve seen builders defecating in a roadside stream that runs straight down to the beach or the number of times I’ve seen school children throw rubbish into these same streams. Until Bali tackles these isssues there is no way I’d swim at a beach on this island.
    Sad but true.

  2. steve Says:

    yep ever go down matahari beach sanur when all the local tourist buses rock up from java etc,all the car parking and beach fronts coverd in food rubbish etc etc. ive often sat there with my local wife and daughter and seen the kids and adults throw there shit on the ground when theres a rubbish bin within a metre,and there;s heaps of bins there, go down there the rubbish is there sll night and the unlucky sweepers must clean it up 6 am in morning. i think people would be shocked to see it as hoestly its like a carpet covering the whole area, shamefull at the least.from day one babies small kids are taught to throw rubbish, it so good to see my daughter put it in the bin from the time she could walk,anyone listening ??? i challange bali times get some photos of this shame as the buses shouldnt be able to leave untill the area is clean,and the operators punnished. regards steve,sanur village.

  3. Hole Says:

    Totally agree with Michelle. It’s a big ignorance to say pollution is only due to hotels activity. It’s 90% the fact of locals !!!!!!! And all the waste from the island is just thrown into rivers. And it goes down to the ocean when the big rain arrive. How can those people be so blind at the top of Governments ???
    They just blame hotels (even if they have a part of responsability of course). These governors and administration just try to hide their incompetence and their lack of serious. Where all the public money goes ? When will they take their responsabilities ?
    Corruption is still the king. Local people pollutes Bali. But they have no choice because the government gives no solutions to treat garbage.

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