Psychic’s Wife Drops Battery Charges


The wife of celebrity psychic Ki Joko Bodo has dropped charges of assault against him, police said.

Ki Joko Bodo, whose real name is Agus Yulianto, was being investigated by Bali Police after a complaint from his 27-year-old fourth wife, Ni Kadek Leli Mariati, who claimed he had hit her in the face during an argument while the couple were driving through Denpasar on 30 March.

Police last week revealed that Ki Joko Bodo had been called in for questioning, and that a case was being prepared for possible prosecution on domestic violence charges, which could have resulted in a five-year prison sentence. But on Friday it was announced that the complaint had been withdrawn.

“The report in the name of Leli Mariati against Agus Yulianto has been withdrawn today,” Bali Police spokeswoman Sri Harmiti told reporters, adding that the issue had been resolved privately.

“The case was at the complaint stage. If the complainant withdraws the report, then the suspect is no longer under investigation,” she said.

Ki Joko Bodo is one of Indonesia’s best known and richest “paranormals,” claiming ability to predict the future and to assure clients of personal and business success. He reportedly counts celebrities and senior politicians amongst his clients. He owns a home in Denpasar, although he conducts most of his business in Jakarta.

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