Underground Car Park Touted for Jammed Ubud


A Gianyar official has said that an underground car park may be built in Ubud in an attempt to ease congestion and parking chaos at the popular tourist destination.

Speaking to reporters, Gianyar secretary Cokorda Putra Nindia said the inspiration for the idea came from a successful underground car park in Makassar in Sulawesi.

“The existence of the underground car park in Makassar is an excellent example to us of how to get on top of the traffic problems in Ubud,” he said.

The increasing popularity of Ubud as a tourism area in recent years, and the lack of available parking space, has caused serious traffic problems, with foreign tourists and local leaders and business owners complaining of the need for a solution.

A playing field – Astina Ubud – had been highlighted as a possible location for a new car park, but concerns had been raised over the loss of this green space. Nindia said that the underground option would mitigate such concerns.

“The Astina Ubud field could become an underground car park while continuing to function as a sports field,” he said, adding that the car park could also house shops and other businesses.

“If it’s well planned it can have multi-functional benefits,” he said.

Gianyar regent Cokorda Oka Artha Ardana Sukawati expressed enthusiasm for the idea.

“Community representatives from Ubud should be invited to visit Makassar to see the underground car park there for themselves,” he said.

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