Regent Demands Disclosure of Illegal Villas


The regent of Badung has demanded that a full list of illegal, unlicensed hotels and villas in his regency be released by hospitality organisations.

Speaking on Wednesday Anak Agung Gede Agung demanded that the Hotel and Restaurant Association of Indonesia (PHRI) provided data on unlicensed properties.

“I’m asking the PHRI to announce which hotels and villas are illegal.  Don’t allow tourists to stay in hotels or villas which are unlicensed.  The rules need to be enforced in Badung, and I’m asking PHRI to help in this.”

Agung said that as well as a large number of villas, there were also hotels that had not obtained necessary paperwork.

“There are still illegal international class hotels; they are recalcitrant and don’t want to obtain licenses, they don’t care about the rules,” he said.

Chairman of the Badung branch of the PHRI, Gusti Rai Suryawijaya, said he agreed with the regent’s points.

“There are hotels with investments amounting to billions of rupiah, but they can’t arrange permits.  I will not support that sort of businesses in Bali,” he said.

Meanwhile, chairman of Bali Villa Association (BVA), Ismoyo S Soemarlan, complied with the regent’s request and announced that of 811 villas known to exist in Bali only 425 had correct operating licenses.

“Based on our data, the number of villas in Bali villa currently amounts to 811.  There are 425 with licenses, so the rest are still illegal,” he said.

Soemarlan said that the BVA did not support illegal tourism businesses.

“There are four things that make us unsympathetic to these illegal villas.  The first is that they don’t make any contributions to regional administration. The second is that they don’t create healthy competition; they don’t treat their human resources well; and they don’t protect the environment.  Also, most break-ins occur at illegal villas because their security isn’t good,” he said.

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3 Responses to “Regent Demands Disclosure of Illegal Villas”

  1. Mark Ulyseas Says:

    Anak Agung Gede Agung and Gusti Rai Suryawijaya apparently don’t live in Bali, because if they did they would know that the ‘illegal’ establishments have been operating for a long time by paying the necessary bribes.

    Please gentleman spare us your indignations. Do you really think these establishments were constructed overnight? And the Bali administration didn’t know anything about this? And the Polisi?

    Why blame the hotel industry that sustains the Balinese economy?

    The one common denominator in all this is corruption.

  2. Blue Z. Says:

    Agree with you Mark. Also, somehow they both don’t understand that these illegal villas are bringing much needed market balance to the accommodation rates in Bali. They are just coming out with these new rules to get more ‘bribes’ to legitimize these villas. Bali has become ridiculously expensive and the government can only think of their own pockets and not the sustainability of the market. They should concentrate on making it easier to legitimize these ‘illegal’ establishment instead of making it so hard to get necessary permits.

  3. Patrick Says:

    Rubbish, illegal villas don’t bring any balance.
    It cost Rp 20 mill to get the correct operating licences for our villa and we pay GST, but are still more than competitive with unlicenced cowboys.

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