AIDS Prevention Should Target Foreigners Says Health Chief


Health officials have announced that foreigners as well as locals in Bali need to be aware of the risk of HIV-AIDS, and have revealed that as of March there were known to be 29 foreign citizens suffering from the disease in Bali.

Speaking last weekend, the head of the Bali Provincial Health Office Dr Nyoman Suteja said that data about foreign patients was collected alongside that for Indonesian citizens.

He said that amongst the HIV-positive foreigners in Bali as of March 2011 there were six Dutch citizens, five Americans and four East Timorese.  There were also smaller numbers of HIV-positive French, Italians, Canadians, Swiss, Australians, Japanese, Spanish and Irish.

Suteja said that historically a total of 4314 HIV-AIDS cases had been recorded in bali, and added that foreigners should not be ignored in prevention programs.

He said that Bali as a province ranked fifth highest nationally for incidence of the disease, after West Java, East Java, Papua and Jakarta, but that per head of population Bali had the second highest levels of HIV-AIDS after Papua.

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3 Responses to “AIDS Prevention Should Target Foreigners Says Health Chief”

  1. dave Says:

    I think that perhaps we should concentrate on the huge numbers of working girls(hookers) and good time girls(not necessarily hookers), all from other parts of the archipelago, seeing as a recent survey concluded around 3-40% of them are HIV positive or have STDs, do we really need all of them?
    I thought prostitution was illegal….Kuta is starting to look like Patpong on any night….

  2. Living in Sanur Says:

    Of course foreigners should be made aware of the risk of HIV and AIDS however i feel that with .6% of cases being foreigners, Dr Suteja should really concentrate on educating local people about the disease.

    Too many times I have heard stories of local people being afflicted with HIV who put it down to ‘black magic’ rather than seeking medical help.

    If local people understand that HIV isn’t necessarily going to kill them (I have a friend who has been HIV Positive for 25 years), and if they understand exactly how the disease is contracted, the stigma associated with HIV and AIDS will be eased.

  3. dave Says:

    Exactly my friend, well said
    My sister in law asked if you can catch HIV from wearing the clothes of someone who died of it…there is NO education in kampong on these matters AT ALL

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