Plastic Pistol Robbers Arrested


Kuta Police arrested two men who had mugged people by threatening them with a toy pistol in the early hours of Thursday morning.

“The two suspects were arrested early in the morning at around 3am on Jl Kunti Timur in Kuta,” said Kuta Police chief, Gede Ganefo.

The pair were identified as Hisham, 30, and Ayub Khan, 33.

Ganefo said the men were caught after officers conducting routine checks on passing vehicles in the area of Basangka market received a complaint from three victims.

“At that time three men told them that they had just been robbed at gunpoint,” he said; “they conducted a brief interview and asked for the characteristics of the perpetrators and about the motorbike they had used, and then they set out in pursuit.”

The officers subsequently spotted a motorbike fitting the description given by the victims outside a boarding house on Jl Kalimuti, in Monang-Maning, Denpasar.  The engine was still warm so they entered the property and arrested the owner, Hisham.

“At first he refused to admit to his actions, even though he fitted the description of the mugger.  He even blamed his friend and told police where to arrest him,” Ganefo said.  Officers then arrested Khan, who lived nearby on Jl Subur.

Various items were seized during the arrests, including the motorcycles that had been used in the attacks.  The two men later admitted to the muggings, saying that their mode of operation was to follow a car on their motorbike before riding alongside it at an intersection and threatening the occupants with a concealed weapon.

The weapon was a child’s plastic toy.

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