Death-Row Chan Loses Final Appeal


Australian drug smuggler sentenced to death in Bali has lost his appeal against the punishment, his lawyer said on Friday.

Andrew Chan learned of the decision when the Supreme Court posted its ruling, dated May 11, on its website, lawyer Todung Mulya Lubis.

“We just found out today that Andrew Chan’s judicial review has been rejected,” he said.

He said he did not know the grounds for the rejection or why it took five weeks for Chan, 27, to become aware of his fate.

“I’m very disappointed about this decision because I don’t think Andrew deserves the death penalty. I’m very sad,” he said.

It was not clear if Chan would be able to seek any further judicial review of his sentence, his lawyer said.

Chan was a member of the so-called Bali Nine drug gang that attempted to smuggle eight kilograms of heroin into Australia from the Indonesian resort island of Bali in 2005.

Another member of the gang who is facing the firing squad, Myuran Sukumaran, also has an appeal pending.

A third member, Scott Rush, won an appeal against his death sentence last month, and is now serving life in jail.

Six other gang members are serving lengthy jail sentences.

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21 Responses to “Death-Row Chan Loses Final Appeal”

  1. Helen Says:

    He does not deserve to die, yes he smuggled drugs but to lose his life it so so sad.

  2. Cheryl Says:

    Foreigners know Bali’s Law when they arrive at Denpasar Airport, there is a huge sign that says Death to those that bring drugs to Bali. This is Indonesia’s law.

  3. peter Says:

    heroin is killing our children..shoot them all

  4. George Bush Says:

    Peter, the yellow trucks on this Island are killing our children, should the same apply?

  5. JOHN Says:

    he deserves to DIE did he not think how many families he would have killed with the drugs on the streets …….parents die when their kids get hooked on drugs and it is these kind of people who do not deserve to live ..shoot him………he was only thinking about the MONEY he was to make

  6. Matt Says:

    I agree with Peter, heroin is imported into Australia. People bringing it here need to pay for the damage caused in our society. Punish them harsher in Australia too. They can keep Schappelle while they’re at it ….

  7. peter Says:

    george..what a stupid statement.what we do get is…2 less drug dealers

  8. monyet Says:

    we all know indonesias law these people simply didnt have enough money to get out of jail so the poor bastards will pay with their life.

    wake the fuck up indonesia is the capital of corruption. the law is just there so police and others
    can make money!

  9. pierre Says:

    I agree with Cheryl, if they are stupid enough to think that they will not be caught, then the law shall act !

  10. Adrian Moorhouse Says:

    As an Australian I agree with the Indonesiancourts that the death penalty should apply. If the drugs had reached the Aautralian streets, how many people would have died as a result of taking the heroin drug. Better the smugglers put to death than hundreds of the ‘Party Goers’ etc.

  11. d Says:

    it dont need to kill him.i know it.i use drugs bevor and i even serve time in that not austrian,im swiss.if u think how many would died becuose him then u just not right to think like that.drugs are everyehere and always and that not becouse this guys.right they just think the maney they wpould make and they young and very stupid naiv to take that risk.also ona problem they had it was not enough money for get out is all very very complicate.

  12. Robert Says:

    Cheryl he was not arriving in Bali he was leaving and the facts are he did not have any heroin in his posession when he was arrested. Bali is the problem it’s awash with drugs and corrupt police.

  13. Howard Says:

    So a lot of what I am getting here is that he should die because of all the people who MIGHT have died….yet no proof any would have…AAArrrhh to have led as pure and blameless life as it seems so many of you think you have led. You wouldnt know some of the pain youve caused to others through your life…but be sure ..there would be plenty..judge yourself before others.

  14. Graham Says:

    I agree they should all be shot.
    After visiting Bali 27 times in the last 10 years we come to understand the laws of the Island.
    Yes I have been offered drugs many,many times and there is always a policeman undercover to trap you.

    I always just shout out loud and then they go away hastily.
    I learned this from a friend of mine and have not had any contact for 2years.
    I can only presume he has been killed by the
    Corruptia Police.

    May he rest in peace.

  15. felix Says:

    Two things:
    1. How come they are responsible for people taking drugs?
    People taking drugs are responsible for their own action, as you are when you smoke, drive drunk, eat unhealthy or have unsafe sex. I am not saying anyone deserves the potentially negative or deadly consequences of such behavior, but we need to take responsibility for our action and not always blame others.
    As a government and society we should promote a healthy way of life and educate people about the dangers of drugs etc, but in the end each individual has an own responsibility for his or her life and health. Traffickers are mostly small fish, with not much to loose, wanting quick money, being naive etc. Yes, they go against law, they might be greedy etc….but does this justify them being executed, killed?! In my opinion certainly not. How can someone promote well being of society if within the same sentence they dehumanize someone for doing a stupid action?
    2. We are humans and we all do stupid or wrong (which hurts or harms others)actions, but traffickers can certainly be rehabilitated and still be and do a meaningful contribution to society!

  16. Jim Says:

    wow. some very small minded comments. I now remember why I left Australia 10 years ago to live somewhere far more liberal (UK). I trust those writing these comments don’t do drugs themselves (like nicotine, alcohol, tea and coffee) and have spent time living in Indonesia and done business there to be able to pass comment on a judicial system which is the butt of jokes for Westerners. What separates modern western democracies from the likes of Iran, Indonesia and a host of other countries is that they have advanced societies with laws which reflect the severity of crimes. I mean I hate chewing gum and prostitution but giving people 20 lashes isn’t really appropriate punishment. For those who are easily twisted by the low brow media that Australia has, perhaps you should check deaths from XTC, cocaine and the likes versus deaths from cigarettes and alcohol and a few studies presented to the British government about de-criminalizing drugs like marijuana (which I hate but I’d rather see a friend relax with a joint that beat his wife after too many stubbies of XXXX).
    Australia has a huge role to play in bringing the largest Muslim country in the world into the sphere of what we take for granted (civil rights, strong laws protecting ownership, harsh penalties for corruption, etc, etc) but not with small minded comments stipulating that every person caught smuggling drugs deserves to die. How ironic that they were smuggling drugs OUT of Indonesia rather than in……

    Peace out

  17. Lauren Says:

    Thank you Jim.

  18. Magdalena Says:

    To all of you who think andrew chan and myuran sukamaran deserve to live: plis join our facebook group and sign the campaign.

  19. Emmanuel Lick Says:

    Unsurpassed natural beauty. And the sweet voice of Patricia Clarkson was rivaled only by The Queen’s nectar itself.

  20. Prometrium Says:

    It is sad that it had to come to that but it makes us aware that there are different laws of the land in different countries.

  21. David Says:

    I didn’t see Australians asking clemency for the bali bombers. In fact, the australian prime minister then said he would respect the laws of Indonesia. Why should it be different with the bali nine?

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