Bali Is Nation’s ‘Cleanest Province’


The central government has appraised Bali as having the best environment of all the country’s 33 provinces.

The Environment Ministry said Bali’s near-perfect score of 99.65 percent during a 2010 national assessment was far higher than other parts of Indonesia.

In the ministry’s previous survey, Bali came third nationwide.

The newly released report says a focal point of pollution is in the country’s rivers.

“Changes in the index for every region is determined by the amount of polluting substances and water volumes of its rivers,” says the report.

It found, unsurprisingly, given its chronic traffic problems, that the capital, Jakarta, was the most polluted place in the country.

The new accolade for Bali comes after recent criticism in an article by Time magazine that said the island had descended into a “hell” due to masses of rubbish strewn on beaches, gridlock on the roads and pollution elsewhere.

Governor I Made Mangku Pastika is promoting a “Clean and Green” programme to keep Bali environmentally safe.

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5 Responses to “Bali Is Nation’s ‘Cleanest Province’”

  1. Paul (Jimbaran) Says:

    The rest of Indonesia must really be bad if Bali got a near perfect score. The judges must have had a sleepin the day they toured the island and never left their hotel room. I guess some people will believe this survey.

  2. Gerry Gay Says:

    I agree with Paul. Bali has a big garbage problem. After every rain, the streams flush a lot the rubbish from alongside the roads to the ocean beaches, making many areas unsuitable for swimming. There is so much plastic garbage everywhere, it really takes away from the natural beauty of the country. What’s more depressing is that the children don’t seem to have a conscience when it comes to disposing of garbage. It suggests that there is very little environmental awareness being taught in the schools.
    Bali has it’s work cut out for itself if it hopes to fix the problem.

  3. Kiss Says:

    Well, actually I attend highschool in Bali so I know for a fact that environmental issues are a part of the curriculum. The problem as I see it is the fact that nobody really knows what to do with the plastic. If we look abroad, we can assume nobody really knows how to deal with it. Bali, or Indonesia just hasen’t learned yet very well how to dispose of it’s trash, i mean, muffle away, or hide it if u will.

    What I’ve also noticed is that a lot of people started to burn the plastic..A great way of keeping it out of the rivers i suppose..

    I wonder if it is a result of the article or just ‘common’ sense..

  4. I Gede Arya Pardita Says:

    I totally agree with Gerry and Paul. Though to achieve title as “Green Province” is a long way to go, it is not impossible. Cut the local government spending, invest more on education and sanitation. Singapore took over 30 years to be what it is now.

  5. Hole Says:

    If Bali is the cleanest province in Indonesia, it’s really an emergency alert. Please wake up !!!!

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