Riot Breaks Out at Kerobokan Prison


Inmates at Kerobokan Prison rioted on Saturday after attacking the chief warden and an anti-narcotics official who were trying to nab a suspected drug dealer.

Dozens of inmates went on the rampage at the Kerobokan prison in the early hours before police and prison guards quelled the unrest.

“We were attacked by the inmates; my head and hand were bleeding. They attacked us out of solidarity when we tried to pick up a drug-dealer suspect,” said prison chief Siswanto.

“They also ran amok inside the prison, damaging the facility. They damaged the offices, broke the glass, computers and the CCTVs (closed circuit television).”

In 2009, police called off a raid on the prison to avoid a violent confrontation when inmates armed themselves with stones and prepared to defend themselves.

Kerobokan prison is a major market for drugs in Bali, with inmates as well as prison officials allegedly involved.

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30 Responses to “Riot Breaks Out at Kerobokan Prison”

  1. Robert Mcjannett Says:

    What do you expect on the most corrupt island in the world? They can’t make enough from the drugs so they plant them on you and then extort huge amounts of money using the threat of ridiculous jail terms. Fuck Bali !!

  2. Unknown Says:

    But yours werent planted were they Robert? You were guilty of drug possession and being a dickhead. Im sure your son didnt think 1 week of getting stoned was worth all the things you put him through.

  3. Lou K. Says:

    The most corrupt island in the world?????????Do you have proof of this R.Mcjannett? Obviously you are not very well travelled and sounds like you speak from personal experience…. Maybe you have been a victim of it. Strong words to use!!!!

  4. Alan .Charles Says:

    alan .c 30/6 Lou K …i think you should read the book calld Hotel K and youl change your mind about the corruotion in the prisons in bali..
    Robert your so right. and its a shame most people see bali through rose colourd glasses.

  5. Max Says:

    I would definitely state that the Bali police are the most corrupt police force that I have ever had the misfortune to deal with.
    If the Bali police say you are guilty , that’s it your guilty. Then the prosecution want their cut, then the judges want their cut and even when you do agree to pay the extortion, they rip you off further by not fulfilling their part of the bargain.

  6. Expat in Bali Says:

    Mr. McJannett is an embarrassment to Australia.
    Here are his various and sundrey excuses for ending up in the jail.
    “The drugs found in the sock in my bag were”: –
    1. A set up by a West Australian newspaper he was suing
    2. A set up by rival trade unionists
    3. A set up by Balinese customs officers
    4. Belonged to his son.
    5. He used pot for medicinal purposes
    Now he claims he had to bribe his way out of there…Hmmmmm. Seems to me it takes 2 parties for a bribe to take place.WHO is corrupt?
    Now he has returned to Australia… and guess what… he is tring to flog his story to anyone who will pay him. WHO is corrupt?
    There are many who can provide accurate information about Kerobokan Jail. Mr. Mc Jannett is not one of them.

  7. steve Says:

    your still a stupid fool jannet

  8. George Bush Says:

    Yep Bali police are a disgrace, not one of them has ever done a decent days “policing” in their life, the only concern for these jokers is that they can pull enough people over per day and charge them for ludacris “offenses” so that they have enough money to go cock fighting – which is illegal….. unless your a policeman…..

  9. chancellor Says:

    bali is awesome ,,the rules are clear no drugs no mercy act accordingly and all is well

  10. Matt Says:

    Indonesian Justice System is weak.. Considering shortening Schappelle Corby sentence makes them the laughing stock in Australia..

  11. me Says:

    Balinese are believes in karma,,,jannet’s statement were just fully of such an un-educationed kinda person

  12. Sue Says:

    chancellor…..Correct. Most countries suffer with corruption, its just a matter of scale! You are right, act responsibly because the repercussions are VERY clear.

  13. Tanner Says:

    It would be better for everyone and seems imparative that “karabokan Jail” be shifted out of this area (at least 100-kelometers from its present location). Matter of corruption is subjective and cannot be debated in its present manner above all it exist everywhere in western countries too.

  14. dan Says:

    If you think Bali is corrupt, you need to go to Pattaya, Bangkok and Pattaya, Thailand.

  15. G in bali Says:

    Bali is like everywhere.It has laws and if you dont break them you dont get into trouble.As for the union guy from Perth, he broke the law.Hes 40 plus years old and carrying pot.Then as expat said he tried every excuse in the book.He knew the risk and got caught so he should be punished according to the law here like everyone else.

  16. diony Says:

    if you dont take drugs then you have no problem in the world, i know that they are corrupt cops in bali. but then again its where you go and hang out in bali that counts i guess. if you hang aroung sleez joints well then what to you expect

  17. diony Says:

    im not saying that they dont plant drugs and etc they prob do, they are corrupt thats for sure, and they shouldnt target australians, where as we pump millions into bali and those fuckwits their should respect that, but its the root of all evil i guess money money money

  18. diony Says:

    i just got back from bali in october 2011 and i was appauled in the men aproaching me saying do i want ice and hasish, i just told them to fuck off. simple and they left me alone, and i was with a big group, its scarey but just keep to yourself and your handbag close in front of you, make sure you have no back pockets, its just common sense.

  19. diony Says:

    what do you expect when there wages are like 120 per month i mean seriously, thats why they plant drugs and set up tourists the fuckers i hope they rot

  20. diony Says:

    what do you expect when there wages are like 120 per month i mean seriously, thats why they plant drugs and set up tourists the i hope they rot

  21. Kesi Says:

    It seems that not many care to study the Vedic texts that make up the core of Balinese culture. I lived in Bali in 1971, when there was still (mostly) peace and the Vedic precepts of “simple living and high thinking.” We never worried with locking our doors, that is, until the first drinking, partying Australians and the rest of the European, American mlecchas arrived (look it up). My husband aspired to become a police officer, he was Orang Asli from Kuta, when the job was still respectable, that is, until the advent of Kali yuga kicked in full force.

    Everywhere in the world is corrupted, other countries just do a better job at covering it up. By the way, I have also lived in Australia, and I will always remember the police and immigration officials as the A holes of the world and I have traveled and lived all over the world. I was apregnant young mother treated like dirt, because I had brown skinned kids and I over stayed my visa by a week!

  22. Bernie McClafferty Says:

    Expat in Bali sounds like he trusts everything he reads in the media and all that is said at his local pub. this rubbish is whats called the six steps to change public opinion and is a well known Journo’s course in uni.
    I only saw 1 interview that he gave one reason for why this happened. You are not trying to say the Bali Police are not corrupt are you? If you are then you must be in the Bali Police or just a complete drongo!

  23. AH Says:

    Kesi- you broke Australian law when you overstayed your visa. Being treated like a visa overstayer by the police and immigration officials in that case is not an example of corruption or cover up, it is the complete opposite, it is called due process and rule of law. You are probably angry because you couldn’t buy your way out of your own illegal actions.

  24. paul Says:

    oh come on what do you expect them to do? of course they’ll arrest you because don’t want these drug dealers from outside of Indonesia or druggies these police only doing their jobs I would’nt swear at the police if I was you because will get arrested answering back at the officer wehn I was in Bali in June they did’nt bother me cause I did’nt broke the law” I’ve got more sense..

  25. Rick Otton Says:

    Valuable information. Lucky me I discovered your site unintentionally, and I’m shocked why this coincidence did not took place in advance! I bookmarked it.

  26. Bernie McClafferty Says:

    30 odd years ago Bali was a mostly clean paradice but thanks to Indonesian corruption it has become a sewage filled, over priced and VERY dangerous place for Australians. Thanks to world attention on their corrupt ways and in particular the Corby case you would have to be brian dead to want to go there. Vietnam is far cheaper, cleaner, safer and they dont want to blow us up in a pub. Australians too stupid to remember what the Indonesians have done to us from East Timor to Bali should buy a one way ticket and hope for the best. best tell mum and dad to have their house ready for sale to pay the bribes or say Gday to The Bali 9 etc.

  27. Ant Says:

    OMG…..It seems the ugly Aussies are everywhere, now even posting thier small minded rants in an INDONESIAN newspaper. Bali has changed, yes. You can argue for the better of worse but to say it has changed because of corrupt police….Wake up.
    Use your BRAIN, (brian) Bernie. Yeah, Vietnam is spectacular, it is cheap, Because they are oppressed by the Communist regime that rule thier lives. idiot…

  28. denise Says:

    I’ve visited Bali for over 15 yrs and never had an issue. Never had anything stolen never been in trouble with the law hmmm maybe because I respect the law and have common sense not to take drugs or be disrespect full to the country I’m in. I’m Australian and I am cautious and carefully when I have my purse with me but guess what I’ve had my purse stolen 3 times by these opportunist low life’s. Car broken into more times than I can remember. Don’t blame on country for bad behaviour when it happens all over the world yes I’ve travelled its about being smart.

  29. Grey's Says:

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  30. Danyelle Mccamy Says:

    That big bitch got kev and the baby on her lap in the family portrait…

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