Drug Courier Caught in Prison Car Park


Police are investigating an attempt to smuggle drugs into Bangli Prison.

A 34-year-old admitted courier was caught in the prison car park with 1 gram of crystal-methamphetamine and 21 ecstasy pills last Friday.

Ertanto Punto, originally from Jembrana district, had been spotted acting suspiciously outside the prison.

“The perpetrator was seized in the car park of Bangli Prison. He was then searched and found to be carrying those forbidden items,” said chief of Bangli Police narcotics unit I Gusti Sudarma Putra.

“We’re developing the case, and we’re investigating who the buyer and the sender of the package were,” he said.

After arresting Punto, police searched a room in a boarding house on Jl Sri Wijaya in Denpasar, where he was understood to be staying. They seized more drugs from the room.

Putra said that during his interviews Punto had claimed he had no idea who the drugs were from, and who they were for.  He claimed to have received an anonymous phone call telling him to collect a package from a hiding place in Gianyar and then to take it to the prison.

“I was called and told to collect the crystal-meth that had been left in a plastic bag that had been hidden on the edge of the Astina Park in Gianyar,” he said.

Punto admitted to being a drug user himself, but said he had never been involved in smuggling on previous occasions.

“For sure I use drugs. I usually buy them from a friend in Denpasar.  But this was the first time I’d ever acted as a courier. I don’t know who the person who told me to do it was,” he said.

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