Broadcasters Show ‘Superficial Image of Bali’


Religious leaders have called on national broadcasters to stop portraying Bali in terms of cheap exoticism, during a forum in Denpasar.

The forum, held on August 3, was organised by the Bali Broadcasting Commission (KPID). Representatives of various national broadcasters met with cultural and religious figures to discuss depictions of Bali in the media.

“Until now, most TV programs on Balinese culture and religion have only portrayed the superficial layer, and have failed to present any insights into the details of this great culture and religion,” said Raka Santeri of the Hindu Parisadha Council.

The three national broadcasters, RCTI, Global TV and MNC TV, are due to launch regional programming for Bali under a new broadcasting law that orders national broadcasters to provide regional services.

At least 10 percent of the regional output must be locally produced.

Santeri called for the broadcasters to give prominence to religious matters in the Bali broadcasts.

“We don’t want the stations to discriminate against certain faiths,” he said.

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