‘Kill Corruptors,’ Says Veteran in Independence Speech


The vice chairman of the Legion of Veterans of the Republic of Indonesia used a speech on Independence Day to slam widespread corruption, saying corruptors hurt the feelings of those who had taken part in Indonesia’s struggle against Dutch colonialism.

Ida Bagus Raca gave his speech during celebrations in Renon, Denpasar, on Wednesday.

“We fought and struggled to win independence for our people, so they could be prosperous – why is it all being taken by corruptors?” he said

“If that money wasn’t taken by corruptors, it could be sued to build the schools and the hospitals that the people need,” said the 85-year-old Raca.

Raca said that the revolutionary spirit of the original independence activists remained strong in coming generations, but he said that ever-increasing corruption had mired Indonesia.

“We must move forward together and demand that the government act against corruption. In fact, if there was a law in Indonesia that said corruptors should be killed, well, just let them be killed,” he said to an audience including many members of the provincial and city governments.

Raca said the media had a responsibility to maintain pressure against government corruption, so that would-be corruptors would fear exposure.

“We hope that the young generation will be more disciplined in maintaining independence,” he said.

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