Mass Trial for Traffic Crimes


A total of 380 people have been prosecuted for traffic offenses in a mass trial in Singaraja.

“This is the largest number of traffic offenders ever summoned for trial in the history of [the Singaraja District] Court,” said Buleleng Police spokesperson Nyoman Widastra.

The offenders, many of who were students, had been detained in a series of police operations in the north Bali regency in recent weeks, and were tried together last Thursday to save time and money as most of the violations were minor and merited fines rather than custodial sentences.

“Riding a motorbike without wearing a helmet and riding a motorbike without proper licenses are the two most common violations we found during the operation,” Widastra said.

There were no defence lawyers or prosecutors involved in the trial as all the offenders had admitted their crimes. The judging panel heard cases over a 2.5 hour period, and handed out a series of fines ranging from Rp25,000 (US$2.9) to Rp135,000 (US$15.8).

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One Response to “Mass Trial for Traffic Crimes”

  1. John Says:

    It would be wise to fine these folks much higher amounts. If they cannot pay then, impound their motorcycles for a grace period meanwhile having them get a proper license or helmet. If after the grace period is up and still they’re not able to pay the fine, auction or return to vendor the bike.

    A system like this would benefit in three ways. 1) create a pool of revenue to be used for road maintenance safety courses and enforcement.
    2) remove the people who cannot afford to be financially responsible for their actions from the road.
    3) slow the trend of kids onto bikes, clogging the roads and folks just out for a jalan-jalan. Smarten up Bali, it’s bloody carnage out there and who’s paying for it?

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