Prisoners Released to Mark Idul Fitri


A total of 213 inmates of Bali’s nine prisons received special remissions on their sentences to mark the Idul Fitri celebrations which mark the end of the Muslim fasting month, Ramadan. Four prisoners received total remission and were set free.

Made Neca of the Bali Justice and Human Rights Department said the remissions were announced during Idul Fitri celebrations on Wednesday. Applications had been made earlier in the month by prison authorities, and had been cleared by the central government, he said.

Neca said the four inmates receiving total remission had been set free on Wednesday.

“They were able to leave the prisons immediately as part of their remission,” he said.

Three of the released inmates were from the main Kerobokan Prison, which also houses high-profile foreign criminals, including the drug smuggler Schapelle Corby.

“On this feast day the number of inmates who have received special remission totals 139 people, three of whom are to be set free immediately,” said Kerobokan chief Siswanto, after an Idul Fitri prayer ceremony in the prison, adding that the three men – Ahmad Badowi, Mustofa and Hendiono – had all served most of their relatively short sentences ahead of release.

Siswanto said that amongst the prisoners receiving sentence reductions were several foreigners.

“Of the total 136 people who obtained remission, two inmates were from India and the UK. They were both involved cases of fraud and embezzlement,” he said.

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