‘Soft Approach’ Also Needed to Fight Terrorism


Repressive measures alone will not be enough to defeat the threat of terrorism, a senior politician has said.

Speaking at a conference on “de-radicalisation and contributions to a peaceful and tolerant world” in Nusa Dua, Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs Djoko Suyanto said education and de-radicalisation programmes needed to be improved to counter acts of terrorism.

“It is not enough to handle terrorism through a repressive approach based on the law alone,” he said, adding that those countries that had attempted to tackle terrorism only through law enforcement and security had failed to achieve success.

“This kind of action taken by countries, including Indonesia, has not yet been able to stop or slow terrorism,” he said. De-radicalisation programmes as an effort to change radical ways of thinking was a vital process.

Suyanto said efforts to combat terrorism would be more effective if done comprehensively, combining law enforcement and de-radicalisation strategies, adding that the National Agency for Combating Terrorism (BNPT) was running some strategies.

Current de-radicalisation programmes involve the BNPT working with NGOs and religious leaders to work out strategies, he said.

“BNPT does not work alone on this, but alongside interested parties on programmes that use a soft approach.”

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