Bali to Host Davos-Style Cultural Forum


The tourism minister has said that Bali will host a World Cultural Forum to counterbalance the annual economic gathering at Davos in Switzerland.

Speaking at Udayana University Jero Wacik said the Bali Cultural Forum, held in June to coincide with the Bali Arts Festival, would be upgraded next year to become the World Cultural Forum.

“The world needs balance. The World Cultural Forum will be an event to balance the annual World Economic Forum at Davos,” Wacik said, adding that he hoped that the forum would become an annual event, attracting delegates from around the world.

“The World Cultural Forum will be an annual event and hosted by Bali. It will be Bali and Indonesia’s initiative,” he said.

Wacik said that with so much focus given to practical and economic affairs, cultural matters were often ignored.

“Cultural issues rarely get focus, despite the ability of culture to enrich our lives. Culture should be able to influence political and economic life,” he said.

During his speech Wacik also called for local media to reduce coverage of negative aspects of Bali, such as frequent communal violence and political troubles, saying that international media would then pick up on these stories, with a damaging impact on tourism.

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