Rains to Start Soon


Experts are predicting an early rainy season for parts of Bali this year, with the first major downpours expected in October.

Endro Tjahjono of the Meteorology and Geophysics Agency’s Denpasar office said south and west Bali could expect early rainfall while some eastern and northern parts may have to wait until December for relief from recent droughts.

“The rainy season will not begin at the same time in all parts of Bali this year,” he said, adding that the first rains were expected to fall next month in Tabanan, Gianyar and Bangli.

Eastern regencies, including Klungkung and Karangasem, would probably not see significant rainfall until November, he said.

According to Tjahjono the first light rainfalls have been recorded in some areas, marking the beginning of a build-up of moisture ahead of the annual monsoon.

“People need to be aware of landslides when the rain intensity becomes higher from the end of December until early February,” he said.

Tjahjono said he expected that this year’s rains would follow typical patterns more closely than last year.

“Farmers can start preparing for their next crop-planting cycle, planting crops that grow well in wet conditions. Those people whose activities are related to flying or sailing should be aware of potential strong winds and high waves,” he said.

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