Aussie Teen Detained over Marijuana


Police have arrested a 14-year-old Australian boy in Kuta on suspicion of drug possession.

The boy, named by police as Lewis Mason from Newcastle, who was allegedly carrying 6.9 grams of marijuana he bought for Rp250,000 (US$28), could face a 12-year prison term. He is understood to have been on holiday in Bali with his family and was arrested on Tuesday as he was returning to his hotel.

The Australian government said it hoping to get the boy home.

“As a government, we have our best people working on this case of this 14-year-old boy,” Prime Minister Julia Gillard said on Friday.

“Our aim here is to provide every support we can to him and his family, and our aim is to get him back in Australia.”

Gillard said the matter was a sensitive one governed by Indonesian law and that she would not make any judgments on the case, but added she had been shocked by the incident and her heart went out to the teenager’s family.

“The only thing that will ever drive me or anybody else in government is what is in the best interests of this boy, but from a simple human perspective I’m sure we would all wish that this boy is released and returned to Australia as soon as possible,” she said.

Gillard said the boy was being kept separate from other detainees at Bali Police Headquarters in Denpasar and with access to his parents.

Earlier, Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd said consular officials were in close contact with Indonesian authorities and he had told Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs to make the matter its top priority.

“My heart goes out to the parents,” Rudd said. “I’m sure many Australians would feel exactly the same and we will do all within our power to support them and to get this young fella back home.”

Police said on Friday they were still questioning the teenager.

“The boy’s parents and a lawyer have come to see him. Australian officials have also arrived,” police spokesman Hariadi said.

The lawyer, Muhammad Rifan, said a psychologist had assessed the boy and found him to be in poor condition.

“He is still being interviewed at the police station. He is young, so he is under a lot of stress in detention,” Rifan said, adding that the boy’s parents had been present at the police interviews.

“The police are prioritising this case because he is a minor. By law, cases that involve minors should be dealt with quickly,” he said.

Children face the same courts as adults in Indonesia and are often imprisoned with adults although there is a separate children’s cell in Bali’s main Kerobokan jail.

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11 Responses to “Aussie Teen Detained over Marijuana”

  1. Worried Says:

    Why not arrest the person who sold the drugs to this boy? More than likely this was another setup by criminals on the streets of Kuta, very common.

  2. zanna Says:

    I am an Australian based in Australia. The boy should be given community service sentence helping an orphange or something like that in Bali. He should be made to realise he is a very lucky boy and that there are plenty of children in Bali who don’t have the advantages he has. For example what would the average balinese be able to buy with the cost of the massage he had before his arrest…better still how long would it take an average Balinese village person to work to buy that massage. ,…If he gets to come back to Australia the condition should be that he reports to police in Australia on a regular basis. (And his parents should take away his facebook rights).

  3. Peter Says:

    Let him and his family swing in the breeze Before they go back home, bag out Indonesia and pocket a million dollars What a Joke!

  4. sirius Says:

    I will never visit Bali.Tourist hell.

  5. KG Says:

    If you do the crime, you do the crime?? simple as that!!!! They are bloody idiots!!!!

  6. made swasta Says:

    on the streets of kuta you wil not find real marijuana only if they are corrupt

    is it a other story the police give to a lokal real marijuana en they need to sell that

    when they sell it to a tourist they will arest the tourist en bring him to jail en let the toerist en family pay many money so he will be free again good for the seller becouse he wil get commision en the police man that give it to the lokal for selling it is a ritch man now. en can sell the same drugs again on the same day nice game they play they will never grow up thats the problem they dont care about other people

    i under stand people do grazy thing for money even sell it to a small boy they dont care really they don’t care thats wy bali is really dangerous if they olready do like that what is next

    they sell the young girl en boys on the streets that is a bigger problem en they do nothing about that

    the tourist make the problems in bali with there money if they dont come to bali then there are no problems so tourist dont come to bali it is the best for all really

    alot of police men are taking drugs en sell it also in the gouverment they juse alot drugs it is everywhere becouse it is a problem country

    so who are doing the crime’s thats the qwestion

  7. Mick Says:

    The dude – and his parents – would have known that Indonesia has very strict drug laws. But he went ahead and tried his luck, anyway. Sorry, kid, but you’re old enough to know that if you get caught, you’ll pay. No sympathy for him.

  8. No sympathy Says:

    Now they are set to make a LOT of money out of his situation – read about it here:

  9. andrew Says:

    I am compelled to believe in defending the accused, however I also believe in punishing the guilty. So if he’s guilty and he gets 12 years, that’d be great! I guarantee that others will think twice before using drugs in Kuta. But there’s a very good arguement that the drug seller should be standing beside him (unless it was a police drug sting operation), so where is he at? … seems like biased law enforcement against foreigners.

  10. d Says:

    thre are many thing to say swiss.i have been in jail bali twice,as teenager and adult.i just want to say let him go home quick as il do not good to him in there.

  11. JAW Says:

    This is not about what is “good” for the boy. It’s a punishment for breaking the law. You can bet he won’t do it again whatever happens with this case.

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