Underwater Mailbox to Raise Reef Awareness


Divers visiting Bali can now send postcards from a mailbox on the bottom of the sea.

The underwater mailbox was installed last week in five-metre-deep waters off Jemeluk Beach near Amed, a popular dive destination in Karangasem.

It was installed by PT Pos Indonesia, the national postal company, in conjunction with the Reef Check Foundation, and charity which works to protect the marine environment as a way to raise publicity.

According to officials the box will be emptied and mail posted there processed as normal. It is located in a popular snorkelling area and is in shallow enough water for snorkelers to reach.

“Basically, the box is like an ordinary mailbox. People can send postcards by inserting the waterproof cards to into the box. A postman will go underwater to check the box every day and take the cards to be sent to recipients in any country in the world,” said Derta Prabuning of the Reef Check Foundation. Prabuning added that mailbox was expected to raise awareness of local efforts to preserve the marine environment, and to attract tourists.

The box weighs 3.5 tons and features traditional Balinese carvings.

According to PT Pos Indonesia official Pupung Purnama, it will be fully operational from next month. Waterproof postcards will be on sale locally.

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