Foreigners Targeted in Immigration Sweep


Two foreign nationals are facing investigation for suspected immigration offences.

American Philipe Escane was visited by immigration officials at his address in Padang Griya in West Denpasar under suspicion of conducting business on a social visa.

Meanwhile, another man, Aaron Reddy, whose nationality has not been revealed, but who lives in Banjar Tegal Buah, is under investigation for allegedly working as a musician while not in possession of a work permit.

Reddy reportedly recently married a Balinese woman from Kintamani named Sukma, who was living with him in Tegal Buah.

Sukma told officials she was unaware of the details of her husband’s immigration status, but said that he was working as a musician in Kuta.

Haerum, a spokesman for the Denpasar immigration office, said that it was often difficult to keep track of visa abuses by foreigners living in Bali, some of who were married to locals.  He asked for community participation in trying to identify offenders.

“We ask for the active participation of the community, especially neighbourhood community heads, to help monitor expatriates in their areas,” he said.

The men were identified and summoned for questioning during a wider sweep of foreigners living in Denpasar this week, but Haerum said that besides Reddy and Escane they had identified no other offenders.

“Earlier we examined a foreign national from the Czech Republic named Ester Samsonova who had a visa sponsored by the Indonesia Arts Institute (ISI) in Denpasar. It was a social-cultural visa,” said Haerun, who added that Samsonova appeared to be in Bali for genuine educational reasons.  Four other foreigners living in the same boarding house were not present when the officials visited.

Elsewhere, a British citizen living on Jl Nusa Indah on a social visa was found to be a bone fide retiree.

According to officials nine immigration offences by foreigners were recorded in Denpasar last year.

Government spokesman AA Made Sumarjaya said most of them were misusing their visas for work or business.

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  1. Yusuf Says:

    Its a country immigration department right to check foreigners documents. However, its also a countries legal/moral obligation to look within its hidden black sheeps in its immigration department. Its normal to look other side knowing very well that immigration officials themself plant / water seeds of illagility. With regard to drugs etc, Yes its true that some foreigners indulege in such practice,BUT authorities should/must arrest/punish locals as well who are the facilitators in most cases.

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