Beggars Swept Up


The Bali authorities have ordered a clampdown on beggars in the run-up to the ASEAN Summit and US President Barack Obama’s visit.

The Denpasar and Badung authorities have been conducting sweeps of local streets since the weekend, focussing on intersections with traffic lights, popular spots for beggars and itinerant hawkers to target motorists.

“We continued to sweep until Tuesday, November 8, so they will no longer be interfering with the beauty of the city,” said head of the Manpower and Social Affairs Department Erwin Suryadarma.

Suryadarma said the significant numbers of beggars in the Bali capital came from both within the province and beyond.

“Many visitors will come to the city of Denpasar during the summit, including state guests, and it’s important that they are not disturbed by beggars,” he said.

During the initial sweep on Saturday night, ministry officials targeted Jl Mahendradatta, Sanglah market, Kreneng market, Badung market, Jl Hasanudin and Jl Diponegoro.

A total of 25 beggars, including 11 children, were detained.

Suryadarma said six of the beggars came from East Java; the rest were from Bali.

“They were placed at a halfway house and we will send them back to their respective home villages on Tuesday,” he said.

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One Response to “Beggars Swept Up”

  1. Doris Dazed Says:

    This is like sweeping dirt under the carpet and hoping nobody will notice.

    Perhaps the Bali authorities could spend some time addressing the reasons why there are beggars in the first place, and come up with some humane solutions.

    Ordering a temporary “clampdown” for the sake of appearances is an act of hypocrisy.

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