Security Tightened at Gilimanuk


Police at Gilimanuk Port in Jembrana have begun to increase security measures against illegal migrants ahead of the ASEAN summit.

Head of the Gilimanuk maritime police Made Prihenjagat said his officers were anticipated all potential threats.

Gilimanuk is the main point of access for passengers and road traffic from neighbouring Java, and the major entry point for migrant workers coming to the island.

Prihenjagat said that as well as making closer checks of the baggage and identity of travellers, officers at the port would also be conducting more thorough examinations of vehicles arriving in Bali.

They would also be conducting checks of migrants resident in the surrounding community, which is home to a large number of settlers from across the water in Java.

“For this operation against the immigrant population we will work side by side with the local communities,” he said, adding that they would have access to local and regional residency records ahead of the sweeps.

Meanwhile, security staff at Ketapang, the port in Banyuwangi on the opposite side of the Bali Strait, have also tightened security ahead of the summit.

Banyuwangi Police spokesman Soejarwo said that around 900 extra officers would be deployed around the port during the summit.

“Security is a priority because Ketapang harbour area is one of the major entrances to the island of Bali. We must guard against all threats,” he said.

Soejarwo said all Bali-bound passengers would undergo ID checks before boarding the ferries for Gilimanuk.

“The examinations will focus on the identity of the passengers and their luggage, so that passengers who do not have ID cards will not be able to cross over to Bali,” he said.

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