Aussie Drugs Teen Jailed For Two Months


The Denpasar District Court has sentenced a 14-year-old Australian boy to two months in jail for possession of marijuana.

The boy, who wore a colourful Balinese shirt and a balaclava to hide his identity, will be freed on December 4 after the court ruled the nearly eight weeks he has already spent in jail should be counted against the sentence.

The teenager bowed his head as judge Amser Simanjuntak pronounced sentence on Friday.

He was arrested with 6.9 grammes of marijuana on October 4 in the tourist area of Kuta, where he was on holiday with his parents, and charged with possession.

As a minor, the boy could have been jailed for up to two years but prosecutors only sought a three-month term, considering his youth and the likelihood he would change his behaviour.

He also avoided a lengthier sentence by agreeing to undergo drug rehabilitation. He had admitted to having the drugs.

Australian Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd thanked Indonesian authorities for their speedy handling of the case.

“This has been obviously a traumatic time for him and his family. I’m sure there are lessons to be learned by this young man as well,” Rudd said.

“We’d like very much to thank the Indonesian authorities for their assistance in the conduct of this case, for the speedy way in which it’s been handled against all Indonesian norms,” he added.

“I think it’s good that this family and this young man, it looks like, will be home for Christmas.”

The judge said the boy had conducted himself well throughout the trial.

“The defendant has never committed any crime before. He has always been polite during hearings,” the judge said.

“He regretted the crime he committed. He promised to never repeat the same mistake and his parents have promised to send him to a rehabilitation centre as he is still in junior high school.”

After sentence was passed bodyguards immediately encircled the teenager to protect him from dozens of journalists, who were for the first time allowed to witness the trial.

The boy had arrived at the court with his father and six bodyguards from his lawyer’s office. They were forced to push through a scrum of journalists to reach the courtroom.

Despite the light sentence, the boy’s lawyer said he was disappointed with the ruling.

“We had expected that the boy would be returned to his parents immediately to undergo a rehabilitation programme,” Muhammad Rifan said.

The boy’s father, donning a baseball cap and sunglasses, stood by his son during the trial, while the boy’s mother “was not strong enough” to attend, Rifan said.

“The boy’s parents are considering the ruling. They most probably won’t appeal as this is likely the best result, realistically,” Rifan said.

The teenager’s legal team argued he belonged in rehabilitation rather than jail because he had a history of drug use.

Several Australians have been arrested for drug possession on Bali in recent years, including two traffickers on death row and six serving life sentences.

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5 Responses to “Aussie Drugs Teen Jailed For Two Months”

  1. Martin Says:

    You are a legend kid as the great Ted Whitten said, “We stuck it right up them.” You and all Australia showed the Indonesians that they can’t mess with an Aussie and we Aussies will kick your arse every time. Suck it up Indoneasia we are laughing at you now. This great aussie hero now has the world at his feet set to make millions of dollars he is a true aussie legend.

  2. Christine Says:

    This kid is going to return home to Australia for a heros welcome. He stands to make a fortune from his adventure. Television and magazine contracts he now has the world at his feet. Who says crime doesn’t pay? Indoneasia Australians are laughing at your foolishness and circus. A fine of 22 Aust cents that would not even buy 1/3 of a postage stamp in Australia and the kid would be laughing at this. When he gets back onto Australian soil just watch him bare his rea end at your mockery of a judicial system. He is going to earn more in one day than all the indoneasian judges combined earn in ten yrs.

  3. Leo Says:

    I cannot get over how lightly this druggie kid is being treated. he would have had a better chance of being rehabilitated with at least a six year sentence, instead he will end up a no change and mock those that showed him mercy, I bet he does not finish rehab, but hey, surprise me, prove me wrong, kid, after all you will be back in the land where kids can do no wrong and do as they like.

  4. Beth Says:

    This boys parents would have paid a lot of money to lawyer and judge to get him out early . They would have also been through all that stress for 2 months as a family not knowing how long his sentence would be and whether he would spend time in kerobokan. I doubt they would think the experience was worth the money they may get from the media later . Just by the way , don’t ever think the Bali legal system will go softly on u if u are not a minor and can’t find the hundred thousand or so to get u out of trouble . And don’t think they will keep their promise of early release even if they have taken your money . Small crime is a big deal in Asia . My boyfriend got 4 year sentence for a joint even with a lawyer that promised him 2 years rehab and a judge that took his money as well .

  5. Cryshot Says:

    you Aussies should be lucky for that system – and don’t laugh at all…
    If this would be happend in Thailand – he’ll be stucked for a while in much hardest jail then over here.

    I’m an european curently locked up in jail here.

    So i know what I’m talking ’bout…

    Say thanks to coruption over here.

    And rmbr – never ever try to by any sh*t here – you never know when is the deal set up by police. They’re bad az cnts….!!!! 🙂

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