‘Patchy’ Healthcare Across Bali


Health Department officials say the standard of healthcare available varies across the different regions of Bali.

Department chief Nyoman Sutedja said some of Bali’s regencies were chronically short of medical staff and specialist equipment. He said that only Gianyar, Tabanan and Denpasar met requisite standards in services, funding and staffing.

“Although at the national level Bali is considered one of the best, there are still five regencies in the province that have not provided adequate health access to the public, and lack good programmes,” he said, adding that Karangasem, Klungkung, Bangli, Jembrana and Badung had inadequate levels of health provision.

Sutedja said that while Karangasem and Klungkung were relatively poor regencies with various developmental challenges, Badung, home to most of Bali’s major tourist areas, was the island’s richest regency, and therefore ought to be able to provide adequate healthcare.

“For Badung, this is an irony. The regency is the richest among the eight. It earns the highest revenue from the tourism sector but it only allocates 14 percent of its budget for health,” he said.

He said the regency appeared to spend most of its income on infrastructure projects.

Sutedja said most Badung residents travelled to Sanglah Hospital in the neighbouring Denpasar municipality for treatment. A major hospital development in Badung, Kapal Hospital, which is funded through the infrastructure budget, is currently not progressing.

Nationwide, Bali is ranked as the province with the second highest standard of healthcare, after Yogyakarta.

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