Activists Say Support Lacking for HIV Children


A senior activist has said that there is not enough government support provided for children suffering from HIV-AIDS in Bali.

Novita E Wuntu from the Citra Usadha Indonesia foundation (YCUI) said there was no developed continuous funding system for the care of HIV-positive children in Bali.

“We have been searching for continuous donations for nine children with HIV/AIDS whom we assist. Three of them have died due to malnutrition and difficulties attaining medical treatment,” she said, adding that YCUI had made many approaches to businesses and social organisations for funding and support to replace money from the Bali AIDS Commission which was provided last year, but which was not renewed.

She said the money had been used to care for 100 HIV-positive children from poor families.

“The donations helped them very much because most of them are very poor,” she said. “These children are very susceptible to diseases, such as coughs and breathing difficulties. Therefore, they need long-term and sustained assistance.”

Further calls were made for support for infected children during last month’s Day Against Violence Towards Women.

“More than 100 children who have HIV and hundreds of others feel the impact because their parents are infected and need help to get healthcare and education and avoid discrimination,” said Putu Utami, director of another HIV-AIDS NGO, Spirit Paramacitta.

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