Island’s Hospitals Have Domestic Abuse Teams


Bali’s hospitals are now equipped to deal with cases of domestic violence and child abuse, according to officials.

IB Putu Alit from the team that handles such cases at the main Sanglah Hospital in Denpasar said all major state-run hospitals in Bali now had a similar dedicated team.

“The team records the cases, reports to the police and treats the victims,” he said, adding that the teams consisted of medical and psychiatric staff, as well as police and government liaison officers.

Alit said that while domestic violence was often a law and order, and mental health issue, it often came to light through hospitals because of injuries sustained.

“Violence against women and children has increased since last year and we are targeting an improvement in both physical and psychological treatment,” he said.

Alit said that so far in 2011 the hospital has recorded a total of 104 cases of abuse and domestic violence, including 78 incidents of physical violence, 22 cases of sexual abuse and four cases of psychological trauma.

He added that there had been 38 recorded cases of violence and abuse of children this year, up from 26 in 2010.

“All the cases were reported to the police after there was enough evidence, including the results of physical examination,” Alit said.

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