Balinese Crew Survive Italian Cruise Disaster


Twenty-six people from Bali were among the crewmembers of the Costa Concordia cruise ship that ran aground in Mediterranean last Friday, but all are believed to have survived.

A total of 170 Indonesian citizens were known to have been working on the ship, but according to Indonesian consular staff in Italy none are believed to be among passengers and crew still missing. At least six people are known to have died when the ship, which had around 4,000 people on board, hit a submerged reef off the Italian coast, with several others yet to be accounted for.

Foreign Affairs Ministry Information Director PLE Priatna said that given the large numbers of Indonesians involved in the accident, the Indonesian Embassy in Rome had been assisting the Italian authorities in the rescue and relief efforts.

“In cooperation with local authority, our embassy in Rome has been able to trace and identify around 80 Indonesians at three hotels, namely Leopoldo Grosetto, Nuovo Grosseto, and Fattoria la Principina in Italy,” he said.

The cruise operator has said it will help repatriate survivors, while the Indonesian Embassy in Rome will provide travel documents for Indonesian crew who lost their passports when the ship sank.

Meanwhile, I Wayan Wiratha of the Bali Manpower and Transmigration Department said two Balinese people working on the ship were known to have been injured.

“It has been reported that only two Balinese people suffered injuries due to being trampling during the evacuation,” he said, adding that a total of 53 of the Indonesians working on the ship had been found their jobs by Bali-based employment agencies, PT Miranti Magsaysay, PT Cemerlang Tunggal Inti Karsa and PT Bali Guna Inti Nusa. Of the total 26 were from Bali, while the rest came from other parts of Indonesia.

One of the Balinese crew members has been identified as I Kadek Agus Wijaya and was being treated at the Hospital San Giovanni di Dio in Orbetello, Grosseto. Another man from Bali, I Nyoman Juniarta, was being treated at the Siena Hospital having suffered a broken leg during evacuation of the ship.

Of the total 170 Indonesians on board the ill-fated ship, six were women and 164 were men.

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