Arnie Commemorated with Bronze Statue

Arnold Schwarzenegger, veteran strongman of bodybuilding, screen and politics, is set to be commemorated in sculpted bronze in the city of Columbus, Ohio, next month.

A 2.4-metre, 273-kilo statue of the former California governor and star of the Terminator movies will be erected at the Veterans Memorial auditorium in the city to coincide with the opening of the 24th annual Arnold Sports Festival at the venue in March, with around 175,000 sports fans expected to be in attendance.

The statue has been bequeathed to the city by Dr Robert Goldman on behalf of the International Sports Hall of Fame. Dr Goldman said the statue was a fitting celebration of Schwarzenegger.

β€œHe is one of the most remarkable and accomplished people I have had the honour of knowing. He is probably not only the greatest bodybuilder in history, but even more importantly, he has created amazing programs in fitness and health that have inspired millions of young people,” said Dr Goldman, a health columnist for The Bali Times.

The statue feature Austrian-born Schwarzenegger in a competitive pose from his bodybuilding days, and finds itself in good company – the city is also home to a large bronze statues of an earlier immigrant to America, Christopher Columbus.

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