Bad Tourism Practices

Those engaged in the tourism sector on this small island must work together to ensure the overall success of the industry – and for the enjoyment of those who come here to enjoy what we have to offer. This tenet is generally accepted as the viable way forward.

It was therefore surprising to learn that several of Bali’s main tourism attractions have been acting unilaterally and without notice in advancing their own interests over others.

The decision by those running the Tanah Lot and Uluwatu temples, two of Bali’s best-known tourism sites, to dramatically increase their entrance fees, by 100 percent and more, is deplorable and has led to upset in the tourism sector, most notably a snub by the Association of the Indonesia Tour and Travel Agencies (ASITA), which will no longer carry the locations on its itinerates.

Tourists, domestic or international, should not be denied the chance to experience such wonders as these temples, because they are off-limits on their tour schedule, and neither should local communities have to suffer a fall-off in earnings because of lower visitor numbers, a likely scenario that the hikes threaten.

ASITA says it has been unable to get any explanation or reasoning from the local authorities about the sudden and steep entrance-fee increases and that it has been “ignored.” If this is the case, it amounts to extraordinarily bad tourism practices.

Bali’s economy, based mostly on tourism, has risen to new heights after being decimated by terrorist attacks a decade ago. We do not need damaging behaviour and infighting among elements of our tourism sector that will lead to harm and animosity.

Tanah Lot and Uluwatu temples owe it to everyone involved, including the people of their communities, to explain their injurious new pricing policy and engage in debate in order to resolve what has become an embryonic disaster.

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  1. Tony Says:

    As a regular visitor to Bali I have visited both temples numerous times taking new visitors each time. Not anymore I am sorry to say. Plenty of other places to visit on the Island that value our visit.

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