Kuta Beach Threatened by Erosion


Recent high tides and large waves have accelerated erosion at Kuta Beach, which large quantities of sand washed away, according to officials.

Head of the Badung Livestock, Fisheries and Marine Resources Department I Made Badra said that recent tides, exacerbated by big waves, had been the highest in the last five years, and had swept much sand away from the shore.

“We have to monitor the beach closely. Condition have been bad enough to cause erosion up to five metres from the water’s edge,” he said.

Badra said that his department was coordinating with the provincial authorities to take measures to counter erosion along the exposed west coast.

“We are in coordination meeting with Public Works Department, and there will certainly be counter-abrasion projects in South Bali. This is part of the main provincial plan for 2012. We stressed the state of our beaches during the coordination meetings,” he said.

Badra said that in the past counter-abrasion work had been conducted at Kuta, by rearranging and replenishing the sand. Similar work had also been conducted in the Canggu area, which is particularly vulnerable to erosion. He said that rock retaining walls designed to stop sand being washed away at Canggu had themselves been damaged by rough seas and high tides.

“The coast at Canggu will be very vulnerable if the issue is not immediately addressed,” he said, adding that the Badung authorities were still waiting for a response from the provincial Public Works Department.

Chairman of the Kuta Customary Village management unit for Kuta Beach IGN Tresna said that the recent rough seas had swept sand away from the top of the beach.

He said that previously breakwaters had been constructed, which had done something to protect the beach.

“Previously the situation was even more severe,” he said.

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