New Group to Fight for Bali’s Rights


A new organisation claiming to fight for the rights of Bali was launched at the Bali Museum in Denpasar this week.

The Forum of Struggle for the Rights of Bali (FPHB) has inducted during a meeting at the museum on Sunday, with members claiming that the central government does not value and protect Bali’s resources, which are mainly in cultural rather than natural form.

FPBH chairman AA Sudiana said the group’s key demand was that more money should be distributed by the central authorities to Bali. He said government money should be handed over to customary village councils in Bali.

“The funds could be used in an effort to maintain the customs, culture, local wisdom, which in turn support tourism in Bali,” he said.

Sudiana said that Bali contributed greatly in terms of finances to the central government, especially from the tourism sector. He claimed that tourism is rooted in local culture and wisdom.

Another forum member, Ida Pedanda Sebali Tianyar, said he had hoped the organisation could achieve its aims.

“I expect this forum to work hard to fight for more rights for Bali at the centre, including formulating the mechanisms of action for us to get our rights,” he said.

Tianyar said that FPHB would work to strengthen and organise social and political movements in an effort to fight for the rights of Bali.

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