Ex-Citibank Manager Jailed for Embezzlement


A former Citibank Indonesia executive was sentenced to eight years in jail on Wednesday after she was found guilty of the embezzlement of US$4.5 million from customers’ accounts.

Inong Malinda Dee, 49, who worked for Citigroup’s banking arm as a premium client manager, used the money to fund an extravagant lifestyle of luxury cars, apartments and cosmetic surgery.

She was found guilty of embezzling Rp41 billion from accounts between 2007 and February 2011 and laundering the stolen funds through other bank accounts in an attempt to cover her tracks.

“The defendant transferred money from customers’ savings without their consent at least 117 times,” chief judge Gus Rizal told the South Jakarta District Court.

“She used the money to buy luxury cars, including Ferraris, a Porsche, Mercedes and a Hummer, as well as land and apartments.”

The judge ordered Dee, who was dismissed from Citibank in June, to pay a fine of Rp10 billion or serve an extra three months in prison.

Prosecutors had recommended she serve 13 years in jail but the judge noted she “never committed any crime before and still has little children to raise.”

Last May the central bank temporarily barred Citibank from opening new branches or issuing new credit cards. The ban came after news of Dee’s case emerged and a politician died after being grilled for hours by three Citibank debt collectors.

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