No TV for Nyepi, But Muslim Prayers Allowed


Broadcasters have been ordered to cease operations in Bali during the forthcoming Nyepi festival, but with the Balinese “day of silence” falling on a Friday this year, local Muslims will be permitted to carry out their weekly prayers.

Last week the Indonesian Broadcasting Commission (KPI) in Bali issued a warning to cable TV operators stating that they must suspend broadcasts for the duration of the festival on March 23.

“Do not broadcast during Nyepi,” said the KPI chief Komang Suarsana.

Suarsana said he had issued the warning because during previous years, while mainstream terrestrial broadcasters had followed edicts and suspended programming during Nyepi, some private cable stations had continued to broadcast.

He said it was difficult to monitor the cable sector, as many operations were small and not necessarily covered by licensing laws.

Suarsana said the Bali office of KPI had written to all broadcasters ordering them to stop broadcasting in Bali for a full day on 23 March.

Despite the ban on broadcasts, however, local Muslim residents will be permitted to visit mosques to conduct midday prayers during Nyepi.

The rules of the day, strictly enforced by community guards, generally require that all residents and tourists remain indoors. But this year the festival coincides with Friday, the most important day of the Muslim week when practicing Muslims are expected to attend communal prayers.

After consultation, the Religious Affairs Ministry’s Bali office agreed to allow Friday prayers to go ahead as usual.

Ministry spokesman Nyoman Arya said that while prayers at mosques would be held, Muslims would be required to forgo motor transport and would need to travel to make their prayers on foot. They would be expected to conduct the ritual in the nearest available public space, rather than their usual mosque if it lay far away, he said.

“Of course, that should be communicated prior to Friday with the respective banjar and neighbourhood heads,” Arya said.

According to tourism officials the restrictive nature of the celebrations actually attracted, rather than deterred tourists. Hotel manager Andi Ananto said that bookings for the day of Nyepi currently stood at around 70 percent, well above the March average.

“Since December 2011, there have been quite a lot of foreign tourists, especially from Australia, who have booked the Nyepi package at our hotel,” he said.

Ananto said there was also interest in the Nyepi packages from domestic tourists.

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16 Responses to “No TV for Nyepi, But Muslim Prayers Allowed”

  1. dave Says:

    I thought we were in Bali, not, Balinese have to stay indoors etc, tourists the same but this is allowed?
    Whos running the show here, locals(Hindu) or people from other islands and religions?

  2. Cindy Bali Says:

    Very very strange. I urge the Muslim community in Bali to show respect, this is a good occasion for.

  3. balitraveler Says:

    This is happen when so called religion becoming so aggressive………. f****d religion

  4. made Says:

    indeed i am not gone stay at home if other people moslim also can go on the street we are al the same thats way i go walking en go to the beach on nyepi day they can not do this the gouverment gone have problems with humen rights en with the bali people maybey the last nyepi ever

    i dont think they stay at there home becouse of this so i go walking arount this week en looking if i am the only one how thinks this way en then have a protest on nyepi every body bloks ther streets so nobody can go away good idea

  5. sue Says:

    Does this mean that if Nyepi Day falls on a Sunday, all Christians will be allowed to attend church services? I seriously doubt it !!!!!

  6. No TV for Nyepi, But Muslim Prayers Allowed | Bali Villa Accomodation and Travel Guide Says:

    […] : […]

  7. Gede Says:

    Made Grow up ! you are fcking twat . Bali is a peace island and the people out here respect and tolerate to other religion, the muslim walking out to pray for an hour then quiet , you should stay at home and a do bit a wank . aksi bahasa ingris dogen BACA DULU BARU CLICK APANG SING KEDE IN NE !

  8. Muhammad Says:

    Bali is a good place because on the Balinese leaders make good and wise decision. Over the years the leaders have served the community well and thats why they always come up with balanced and workable solutions that benefits most who live there and as a result also enjoys respect of the people.

    I was in bali during ogoh ogoh and Nyepi in 2009 and 2011 and thorougly enjoyed the experience. Staying locked in the hotel was not a problem but a good and relaxing atmosphere.

    By acommodating the religios obligations of Muslims to pray in congregation on Fridays balinese leaders have shown wisdom and balance and will show how good bali is and win more respect and admiration.

    Om swastastu to all Balinese people.

  9. felicity Says:

    Here we go again, muslims taking over the whole of Indonesia….. personally I dont like the Balinese religion as its worshiping demons but I would favor that over terrorists….

  10. ikadek Says:

    if the balinese and others people respect the annual holiday they all should remain silent and understand that is not only for ones but for the worlds.

  11. wayan Says:

    Despite the ban on broadcasts, however, local Muslim residents will be permitted to visit mosques to conduct midday prayers during Nyepi.

    ==> 100% agree.

  12. Doris Dazed Says:

    Is tomorrow going to be a “real” Nyepi, or a compromised one?

    Can’t Muslim’s pray at home? Why the need to go to a mosque? If they really need a mosque, there are plenty in Banyuwangi and Lombok.

    And why can surfers surf in West Bali? Some Balinese up north celebrate until 9:30am? Doesn’t make sense to me.

  13. jfk Says:

    For an island that depends totally on tourism for its survival the idiotic ritual of Nyepi Day is a joke. Time to drag Bali into the 21st century.

  14. Made Says:

    Its all about respect.
    And its easy to see: there is none.

    But as the deamons follows moves outside: they follow the right ones.
    This is why there is Nyepi!

  15. Girl Says:

    Most of us have following the rules, but why in some Hotels they still could take Indovision and many channels ?
    Also I listen cars and people on the streets.
    We live in 2012, and indeed so when Nyepi is on a sunday we are going to the church ?

  16. Azzhool Says:

    If you don’t like the idea of Nyepi than do yourself favor, Go back where you are belong and work like a dog but don’t crewed the world financial because your damn 21st century lifestyle of living!! So simple!!

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